1995 Buick Regal Brake Lights Stuck On

1) Question: 1995 Buick Regal 3.8 V6. Airbag light is on when car was in reverse. Bought used from dealer.

My car reverse lights are constantly on doesn't matter what gear its in or anything. Have to disconnect the battery to shut off the lights.

I know its a short somewhere, but is it possible that the steering is jacked up or is there a switch that governs those lights that is faulty?

buick regal

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Most likely your problem is in the neutral safety switch. This is what controls the reverse light power feed, as well as not letting the car start in any other gear except park or neutral.

It is located on top of the transmission, under the hood. Sort of triangular shaped with an electrical connector. The shift cable attatches to a stud coming out of the trans, which goes through the center of the neutral switch.

2) 1996 Buick Grand Sport. Can you remove the rear strut on the Buick Grand Sport without using the leaf spring compressor tool #J35778 ?

Answer: The tool definitely makes it easier to work on the suspension in the rear. You can try removing the rear wheels and using a jack stand underneath the spring, then lowering the car so the weight is on the jack stand. It might take enough tension off the spring to do one side at a time, but you do this at your own risk. The proper way would be to use the special tool to take the tension off the spring.

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