Question: I need to know what these mean.

Mechanic: Did you look at our
DTC list pages?

I only found one of them if I am on the right page.

P0741- transmission solenoid, P0420, catalytic converter efficiency low, the others are for the
electronic throttle system.

ok, let me explain this to my neighbor and see if we come up with any more questions. I am hoping that the
motor or transmission is not trying to go out on the car.


Thanks for your help.

Ok, out of these codes is there one in particular that would make my car just stall? Like, I can be sitting at a
stop light or just coasting down the street and it will just cut off? It fires back up when I go to restart it and it
doesn't do it everyday.

335, 336, or 1258.

what is the P1258?

Those 3 are related to the electronic throttle.

And those would cause it to do that? Do you know if that is major or simple work?

Make and model vehicle?

Would I be better off just getting another vehicle, it's a 2000 Cadillac Deville.

If it needs a throttle body, expect around $600. For the P0420- most likely a bad catalytic converter, $800 at
dealer or $500 at muffler shop. For the trans code- maybe a solenoid, Several hundred dollars.

Ok, and I wouldn't know which one it is without just replacing them and seeing what happens?

You need to have it diagnosed. Guessing at parts will get really expensive.

Ok, thanks a lot for your help. I really appreciate it. This time of the year money gets short and you don't know
which way to go.

I am going to go talk to my neighbor and see what all he can do. Thanks and I will do that.

Have a good evening !

You too.
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Question: I have a 1995 Monte Carlo with a 3100 motor. When driving for 20 minutes when I'm at a light &
start accelerate it reaches to 2000 rpm I have to get off the pedal hit it again. When I hit the pedal hard the
car goes but leaves black smoke. Service engine light comes on but after driving for 15 minute light goes off
car runs o.k. Scanned no codes or history.

Mechanic: Are you saying that the RPMs go up to 2000 but the car will not accelerate?

The car does go but if I try to accelerate normally it will start to bog.

OK. If the
check engine light is or was on, there must be codes stored. The black smoke indicates a rich
condition. You may have a leaking fuel pressure regulator causing it to be very rich when sitting at an idle.

I took it to my mechanic ran the car for an half hour idle nothing. I drive the car around for 45 minutes the
issue came back with check engine light on we put scanner on it just give vacuum leak no pinpoint on where.

Do you have the computer codes number?

No number.

How do you know there is a vacuum leak?

Computer gave fuel was running lean & suggest checking vacuum lines.

I would check the vacuum hose at the fuel pressure regulator. See if it has fuel in it.

O.k. I will do that.

Thank you I will let you know if that was the problem.
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