Question: I have "brake", "Trac off" and check engine lights on my dashboard. Should I take it to auto doctor?

Answer: What model and year vehicle?

I drive a 97 Lexus.

OK. Yes, the
ABS computer is going tom have to be scanned to trouble codes, then they can diagnose it.

Should i take it to a mechanic asap?

With these codes, you will not have ABS brakes, But normal brakes are not effected. You will not have traction
control either. It is not something that has to fixed this very moment, but i would get it looked as soon as you

Any idea what i will be looking at in $?

Diagnostic fee at a dealer is about $120, at a local shop about $80. Price for repair depends on what is wrong.
It can range from $100 to $1500.

I've been saving for
front brakes but not anything like $1500. Thank you.
Mechanic Live Chat- Trac Off And ABS Brake Lights

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Question: My brake fluid cap was loose could this cause abs to come on.

Answer: No. But you need to look at the rubber portion on the inside of the cap?

I'm guessing that could cause it to come loose, thanks for your reply.

If it is soft or swollen, this is a sign of a bad problem.

How bad lol ?

If the rubber insert on the inside of the cap is swollen, this is because the brake fluid is contaminated. That
usually means that someone add the incorrect fluid to the system, like oil or power steering fluid. This WILL
cause and ABS light and all of the rubber components in the braking system to fail eventually.

Well that could be a big problem, will get that checked tomorrow, although the ABS light Only comes on now
and then maybe for about a minute 2 or 3 times in say a 200 mile trip. Could this still be linked ?

Its possible. But, most ABS problems are caused by a faulty wheel speed sensor. I only mentioned the cap
because you asked if loose can effect it.

No problem. I think a good inspection tomorrow should help, and thanks for the replys appreciate it.
Question: Why would my trac off and check engine light be on, on my Pontiac Sunfire?

Mechanic: What year please.


Does the car run ok or does it run or start poorly?

It runs pretty good. its just that the lights are on, on my light panel.

OK. Most TRAC off warnings are caused by an ABS brake problem, but if that light is not on, the problem
for both lights is because of the check engine light. When the engine computer sees certain problems, it
will disable traction control. Not all codes will do this, but some. So, a
scan of the engine computer is the
first step to find out what is wrong.

Ok thank you for your input.