Question: where is the temperature sensor located in a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero with a 2.2 Ecotec motor

Mechanic: Do you have a code for it?

You mean for the part?

I am just asking why you want to replace it.

Because it started running hot both fans wasn't kicking on.

OK. The sensor is kind of hard to see. It is located on the back side of cylinder head all the way on the drivers

Under the manifold?

No, sort on the very corner of the exhaust manifold, just below.

I just put a new thermostat in it which I had to remove the manifold to do it can I replace the sensor without
having to remove the manifold.


Is it on the driver or pass side?

Drivers side.

Thank you !
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Question: Hi. Bought new thermostat and radiator for a 2002 Chevy Cavalier, but temperature rises BUT
thermostat is cold not hot? Any ideas, need help. Thanks.

Mechanic: What engine size?

2.2 lit.

If the thermostat never gets hot, then that means there may not be any coolant flow caused by an air pocket. A
possible m blown head gasket. Suggest a cooling system pressure test.

Humm? Ok so the hose connected to thermostat is also cold... isnt it suppose to be hot at least? Could it be
stuck? Because the car was running fine until we replaced both parts??

With a hot engine, yes it should be hot. May have air in it. There is a bleeder screw on the large pipe on front
iof engine. Open that up and run engine until coolant comes out, then close it. See what happens. FYI, getting
offline right now, should be back on tomorrow evening.
Question: Please, I need to know the name of metal pipe that has the bleeder valve for a 96 Sunfire.

Mechanic: What engine size? Coolant bleeder valve?

2.2L and yes the coolant bleed valve.

Have seen several descriptions of that pipe- most commonly called the coolant bypass pipe.

I have been looking online at NAPA, AutoZone and Advance Auto and can't find that part, I will now try coolant
bypass pipe. Just in case, is there a way to bleed the system without the bleed valve?

Yes but very time consuming.

OK thanks, btw - coolant bypass pipe doesn't show up as a part, guess I'm heading the junk yard

Appreciate the assistance.

Yes, that may not be available except from the dealer.