Question: Yes. I have a 1996 Saturn SL2. Oil had been getting into my first spark plug boot where my first
cylinder is. I took the top off of my motor and replaced the seals incase that was the reason oil was leaking into
my spark plug. Since I've done that oil hasn't leaked back into there. But now my car won't start unless it is
jumped off and it won't stay running. It idles loudly and when I give it gas it makes a knocking noise. It also puts
when it idles. Can you tell me what's wrong?

The car won't stay running after it's jumped off. It puts while it runs. When I put it into gear it cuts off. When I
give it gas it makes a knocking sound.

Mechanic: Did this start right after your repairs? What all was done?

It started before my repairs. One day while I was driving it, it wouldn't go no faster than 40 MPH I pulled over
and pulled my spark plug boots from the top of the motor. When I did the first cylinder spark plug boot had oil in
it so I took the top of the motor off where the spark plugs are located and I changed the seals and the spark
plugs. The oil didn't leak into the spark plug no more but then it started doing what I just told you.

Sounds like engine may have jumped time.

So something could be wrong with the timing?

Yes, the timing chain tensioner may have broken or the chain itself broke.

Okay that makes sense. Thank you. How do I fix that if I was to fix it myself?

Replacing the timing chain tensioner requires front timing cover removal if it has jumped a tooth or more. Timing
chain would need to be reset.

Okay. About how much would that cost me?

If just the tensioner- which can be installed easily from outside the engine, expect about $150. If timing chain
jumped and now front cover needs removal, approx. cost $600.

Okay thank you a lot.
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