Question: i replaced the fuel pump in 1997 malibu 3.1 v6 and now the fuel gauge does not work.

Mechanic: I assume it worked before? Did the new pump come as an assembly with the fuel level sensor?

I bought the tank and fuel pump as one unit.



Was it all assembled and you just installed the tank with everything in it?


OK. Then you are going to have to remove the tank, take the pump out and make sure there is a sensor on the
pump assembly, it is plugged in, the float is there or something to be wrong. Also look at the color of wires from
the car harness to make sure they match on the pump harness. Something inside is not right.

Could it be that a sensor outside the tank maybe bad?

There are no sensor outside the tank for the gas gauge.

Ok, thank you !
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Question: my car overheated and shut off and it will come back on.

Mechanic: Does it start and run ok now?

You may have damaged the engine depending on how bad it overheated.

I check my battery, starter, alternator,
spark plugs, fuel pump,

Does it crank ?

It will crank but it wont start it sounds different.

OK. The next thing you need to do is check compression.

How would i go by doing that cause that what i wasn't thinking but i don't know how.

Remove the spark plugs, disable the fuel and ignition, install a compression gauge then crank the engine and
compare readings of each cylinder.

I would have to remove all the spark pugs at the same time?

Yes, then check each cylinder with gauge one at a time.
Ok but we checked that it reading where fine.

All cylinders where fine?


What are the pressures on the cylinders?

And we used a code reader and no codes popped. I dont remember the pressure numbers.

If engine sound different, something broke inside.

It sounds high pitch like it wants to start but nothing afterwards.

What make and model?

Ok. The high pitch noise may mean the timing chain jumped or the cam broke.

You would hear if the cam broke right?

That would show up on the compression readings.

How i would i check the timing chain?

Remove valve covers, crank engine and watch that ALL rocker arms move.
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