Question: Noise coming from my 2007 3.7 eng Chevy Colorado in the flywheel area took of the dust cover I see
some metal flakes on it looked at my flywheel through the home on one side to the flywheel it looks like
something is rubbing on it any idea.

Mechanic: So the flywheel has rub marks?

It looks like it's hitting something because it shows some light wear one one side of the teeth but on the outside
of the flywheel. Sounds like metal hitting a radiator fan.

How does it sound when the engine is cranking as you start it?

Like a radiator fan hitting a metal part. I read in another forum that someone loosen two bolts only up to an 1/8
inch in the Other direction and fixed the problem.

OK. Then it sounds like you have a starter problem. It sounds like the starter drive gear is loose and hitting the

They didn't say what part he adjusted ? I think that's it so it's probably shot.


Im guessing it's stuck there I would assume that it can't be fixed.

The gear is probably loose. So starter replacement is required.

If you don't mind me asking I came by this forum by accident and i do appreciate your advise but other
mechanical forum like this one charge you money for they expert advise.

Yes, they do. We are a free site.

Wow where is your tip jar :)

Yes we (the four of us) just enjoy helping people. We have seen so much poor advice on the web, we think we
offer a great place to get good info.\

Well thank you so much.

Your welcome. Come visit us again !

I have always been mechanically inclined 2 years ago my Chevy Colorado would almost stall when coming to a
light after I hit the brakes. I took it to the dealer 25 miles over the warranty they side my brake cylinder was shit I
said no way they said yes way I go on you tube turns out all i had to do was take off the throttle. Body and
clean it. Dealer was going to charge me $375.00.

Yes, a very common problem with GM vehicles.

It just went to show me that dealers aren't all honest like they claim to be I live in Arizona and by my vehicles
from Earnhardt chevy but never ever will take it to them for repair. Anyway thanks again.

Being a dealer mechanic i can see that for that price they wanted to replace the throttle body, not just clean it.

No they said it was my master cylinder the brake master cylinder. One thing being in business like myself it's
the little things that can make the biggest difference in business. I'll stop blabbing go down take the wheel off go
through the wheel well and take get out get the new one tomorrow I'll spread the good word about you guys.
Mechanic Live Chat- Chevy Flywheel Noise, Truck Stalls, Amp Blows Fuse

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Question: I keep blowing an 80 amp IN line fuse for a car stereo amp. I've tested the power lead and there is no
short to ground and im using a new wiring kit and have also tested the amp for resistance and it is testing OL.

Mechanic: Does it blow when the amp is off, right when turned on or after it has been on for a while?

I've yet to see the power light on the amp come on.

Anything else on the circuit?

No ran the power cable from battery to amp and grounded the amp in the trunk.

OK. Testing an amp internally for a short will tell you nothing. You cannot test internal solid state circuitry that
way. The only thing you can do is disconnect harness from amp, check resistance of ground circuit. If low
ohms- say .3 - .5 then it is fine. If that is the case, with is still disconnected, turn key on, see if fuse blows. If it
DOES NOT, the amp is shorted internally.

So disconnect the power and ground leads and test the ground terminal for a low resistance?

If low resistance is present then the amp is fine?

Just test the ground lead from the end that would be plugged into the amp from that end to the actual body of
the car with it not connected to the amp. We just want to test the ground cable that it is low resistance. Low
resistance means the ground is good.

I just tested the ground and got .2

OK. That is good. Sounds like the amp is bad.

Ok and if i replace amp and still have the same problem what could be my other day.

Has to be a bad the amp. Very simple- power feed in is shorted(which you said is not) or amp is bad.

Well thank you.
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