Question: Came home last night and this morning the van would not start.  I checked all fuses, no problem.  
Someone boosted the battery, to no avail.  What could be the problem?

Mechanic: What year Venture van?


Does the engine crank?

No. When the key is in, the battery signal alternates with a sign of a lock in front of a car.

Sounds like you have a theft / security system problem. Do you have a non-factory alarm or remote start system?

Do you mean something that did not come from a dealer? This remote came with the van?

Did it come with the van when new?

I bought the van from a used car dealership. It wasn't new.

If the remote has the GM or Chevy symbol on it, then it is a factory unit and not some non-factory alarm. If it has
automatic start, it is not factory.

I don't see a GM symbol on it. In the back it says DELPHI and a bunch of numbers and an id underneath.

OK. That is factory. Ok then, the factory theft system is active. Did you use a different key from this attempt to
start compared to the last time it started fine?


Then there is a problem in the theft system. It is possible the sensor in the steering column is faulty, but the only
way to be sure is to diagnose it with a scanner and trouble chart.

So dealership or garage?  How expensive will it be?

I would suggest the dealer. If parts are needed, the theft system are dealer only parts. Expect to pay 1 hour labor
to diagnose. If the sensor- called the passkey sensor, is bad, expect about $150 for part and additional 2 hours

Thank you, will have to have the van towed!

Yes. You can try another key if you have one, or turn the key from off to on several times very quickly- you may
get lucky.

I tried a second key, will try the off and on quickly.  Thanks again, happy Thanksgiving. Lucy.
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Question: I have a 96 GMC truck, i have no fuel to the motor and i replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter and the
fuel pump relay, it cranks over but does mot start.

Mechanic: When you replaced the pump, did you have to re-wire the connector?

No i just plugged them into the factory plugins that were there and put it back together the way it came apart.

OK. What you really need to do is test for power and ground at that connector.

Ok how do i go about that?

Disconnect the connector, turn key ON so that the system will try to activate the pump for 3 seconds and use a
test light from ground to the pink wire to check for power. Test light should light. If it lights then check from that
pink wire to the black wire(ground) testlight should light. If no power OR no ground, the pump will not turn on.
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