Question: 1999 Alero starts for a second then dies like it is not getting gas.

Mechanic: What engine size?

2.4L 4 cly.

Can you keep it going by hitting the gas pedal?

Is the theft /
security light on?

No, it dies immediately  lights are not on but this has happened before with light on turned key on for ten min
and it started. When the security light was flashing car would not turn over or start it will start first crank but will
not stay running it did this on Sunday but later started and did'nt have a problem for 2 days

OK. You have a theft problem. Either the Passlock sensor or the ignition switch. Do a search at the top of out
website pages for "Passlock sensor" and you will find several articles.
Mechanic Live Chat- Oldsmobile Alero Won't start

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Question: My Oldsmobile 2002 Alero ignition key won't turn.

Mechanic: Can you get the key out?

Yes it somes out and in but doesn't turn.

OK. Try the key in the trunk to see if it is just a bad or bent key. If it works in the trunk, then the
Alero ignition lock cylinder needs to be replaced.

Yes I tried to open the door with the key and the trunk it works fine or security system might be an issue
because the security light was on and theft lock light was blinking on the radio. Can we just bypass it?

The security system will not prevent the key from turning. You can try to spray some WD-40 in the ignition, turn
the key back and forth several times quickly while tapping on the key with a small hammer. This will sometimes
free it up for the time being.

ok. I tried WD40 though no help.

OK, try the other idea with a small hammer. If that does not work, you are going to have to replace the ignition
cylinder and then do a theft relearn procedure, since the the theft sensor is on the cylinder.
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Question: I just did a upper gasket rebuild on my 99 Oldsmobile Alero 3.4L I had a blown head gasket now when
i start my car, it acts as if i dont have the spark plug wires set up correctly. The set up is idiot proof, and all spark
system worked perfectly before i did the work to it.

Mechanic: Does it run?

No and if i can get it to start, its a bad stutter as if bad missfire or out of time and the timing was fine before i blew
the headgasket, and i know that will not mess up the timing.

Did you put the pushrods in the correct order?

I believe so, i had them set aside but i also had a helper, are they different lengths?

Yes. The intake and exhaust are different lengths and in different positions from the front of the engine to the

Thank you off hand, do you know what ones are longer so i can double check?

See this link
3.4l Pushrod Location

Thank you soo much, you just saved me a weeks worth of work at least :)