1997 Chevrolet Lumina A/C Vent Problem
I can't switch to the ones on the instrument panel and the other two don't come off. Also my A/C is
very weak...
1994 olds cutlass supreme coolant sensor.
1999 Suburban Gas Gauge Fluctuates
My Gas Gauge seems to not be working accurately.  At times, I can fill my tank and it reads less
than eighth of tank or E.  Other times I know...
1995 olds Cierra coolant temp sensor.
2001 chevy malibu turn signals dont work.
1998 Oldsmobile aurora overheats.
1999 Silverado z71, 5.3l engine hard start.
Problem with my 2001 chevy impala wont start. Security light flashes.
2001 chevy s-10 air conditioning pressures.
2002 Olds Alero wont start, security / theft.
1999 olds aurora lights flicker, clicking.
2001 chevy Silverado blower motor speeds.
2000 Chevy 3500 Pickup brake switch repair.
Need radio code for chevy Monte carlo.
2001 Pontiac Grand Prix OBD2 code p1404 problem.
Chevy 4t40-e transmission noise.
2003 grand prix, what is codes p0128 coolant temp.
Pickup has no tcc engagement.
2004 chevy malibu classic dies, no start, theft problem.
2003 chevy malibu theft light, no start, and service vehicle soon.
2001 chevy Silverado a/c warm, cycles on and off.
2001 Buick century repair no power when accelerating.
1999 chevy malibu a/c compressor turn off.
2002 pontiac Montana brakes and turn signals problem.
2001 grand am ses code p0113 trac off light on Autozone car scan.
2001 pontiac Montana DTC p1639, 5 volt reference.
1997 Lumina security question. Car starts, replaced key.
My 2002 Buick rendezvous won't start problem.
How to replace alternator, 1999 olds aurora.
Pontiac Bonneville. Where is the transmission control solenoid?
Cannot unlock my radio theft.
2002 Alero v-6 chugs at 35 MPH. Replaced spark plugs and fuel filter.
2002 grand prix transmission problem, no 4 th gear, slipping.
2001 chevy venture van a/c blows warm repair.
1997 chevy Lumina a/c blows warm.
1997 grand prix headlights, blower fan, clicking in dash.
Sunfire had a fuel leak, replaced injector, filling up cylinder and exhaust.
2001 pontiac grand am brakes repair.
Suburban code p0420, catalytic converter inefficient.
1999 olds Alero key stuck and ignition wont turn, no start.
2004 GMC envoy ses scan code p0410 AIR system, we changed the.
1992 Buick 3800 crank sensor replacement.
Autozone car code p0420 on my 1999 chevy Monte carlo.
Coolant leak on passenger side near the firewall.
My 1998 Buick park avenue has turn signal and hazzard problems.
2000 Buick LeSabre has bad vibration when accelerating.
Olds Silhouette SES. How do i clear it the codes on my vehicle.
2000 Buick century code p1811 max adapt,  p1404 egr, How to repair.
Buick Lesabre wont move when i hit the gas, engine just revs up.
Venture van 2001 brake and turn signals dont work right.
How do you change a water pump on 2000 Buick century v6.
1997 Buick century 3.1 v6 EGR codes, Cam sensor codes, hard to start.
Where is the tcc solenoid in 2000 pontiac Montana minivan.
How to replace brake light bulbs in my 2003 pontiac Montana van
2006 Buick Lucerne service engine soon trans. codes, wont start at times.
Can i swap the 2.2l engine in my sunfire with a 2.4. How much needs to be changed.
MY 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo ABS and Service Traction System Warning Light.
DTC Code 1216.  What does this mean and how much is the repair cost generally.
Do you know what the problem is...
Repair No dash lights on 2003 Buick century.
A/C blows warm on my 2000 Pontiac Bonneville. Relay and fuses OK.
Truck has ABS light and no heater blower or power windows working.
Hot air always blowing out of the vents in my 1998 Oldsmobile Bravada.
Power Steering Fluid leak and Makes Noise 2006 Impala
It is grinding and whining. I checked the fluid and it is low / empty. Where did the fluid...
Blower motor only works on speeds 1 and 5. 2006 Chevy Avalanche
A very common cause for this condition is that the blower motor resistor / module
and its harness connector have...
How to Remove the Drivers Side Air Bag Cover 2006 Pontiac G6
To release the airbag, first disable the SIR system by removing the fuse.
Then locate the 2 small holes on the right...
Can i swap a 2.2l Car Engine in My Sunfire with a 2.4
It would physically fit, but a lot of modifications would need to be done.
A new wiring harness, new computer...
Repair Questions
Problem With My 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier Wheel Hub Bearings
my front wheel bearings are gone again after only 25,000 miles will gm pay to
replace again as I have heard this is a problem on a lot of 2004 cars...
My Radio says LOC. Need unlock codes after replacing battery
4WD and 2HI Light Problem on My 1999 Chevy Blazer
My Blazer has push-button 4WD. During normal driving the 2-Hi indicator is lit.
However in recent weeks I've noticed that this light is going off for short periods
of time. It eventually comes back on, but...
Need to Program FOB Remotes
Bought a new one and followed program instructions like before but nothing happened.
All locks will open with key in the door, but locks don't open with inside switches or remote
Speedo and tach work but ABS, brake, and other indicators stay always stay on.
Where is the intake air sensor on 1999 Silverado trucks 1500.
Why does my 2002 blower stays on after cars shut off. Is this normal.
How To Remove Dash Handle
Am attempting to replace the upper actuator on the HVAC module.  Need to remove I/P carrier.
Have most of the carrier off, but need to remove the handle on the passenger side
How to replace alternator on 1997 Chevrolet.
S-10 Has Spark Knock and EGR Codes
Start up truck. Runs and idles fine until it gets warm. After that when putting a load on the engine
such as going up a hill or accelerating from a light, a spark knock can be heard at the 1500rpm
range. When the engine hits 2000 rpm, it goes away...
Chevrolet Cavalier idles high.
3800 PCV Vacuum and EGR Problem
Had the oil changed and PCV changed late Oct. at an oil change place. Not long after the check
engine came on EGR problem. I replaced EGR and the SES came on again. A couple of weeks
later, the low oil indicator came on
1997 Chevy Lumina a/c vent problem.
Both low beam headlights on my
2004 Chevy Trailblazer dont work at the same time. Bulbs and Fuses are good.
Trans code p1870, 1-2 shifts hard, pressure solenoids, fluid and filter.
A/C compressor wont engage after engine and transmission replaced.
How to change spark plugs and wires on a 2001 Olds Silhouette.
Cadillac Catera Low Oil Pressure
Can a bad engine coolant temperature sensor cause low oil
2010 Chevrolet
The voltage gauge in the dash of my Suburban truck goes up and down when driving. There is
also a burning smell under the hood. GM dealer said that is normal function of charging system.
Drivers Heated Seat
The seat goes on by itself on my Chevrolet Silverado. Have to cycle the key, then it comes
back on again. Replaced the switch but did not help.
Cadillac DeVille Service Engine Soon
Had the codes scanned at Autozone and got EGR and transmission torque converter
TCC solenoid circuit. Any help to fix my car is great.
2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer truck battery dead.
Why does my car 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo dies.
2007 Chevy Monte carlo clunk noise in steering when turning or stopping.
How to reset security codes after ignition switch replaced 2002 impala so it will start.
Service power steering and warning on dash 2007 Cobalt.
A problem with my Malibu 2004 wont start theft security blinking.
How to calibrate the outside temperature sensor reading on 2006 Impala.
Cadillac P0741, P1258
I have these check engine light codes in my Cadillac. What do I need to do to repair these problems.
Do i need a new trans of engine.
GMC Heated Seats
The drivers and passenger seat heater on my GMC Sierra turn off after a few seconds.
Replaced cushion, back elements, modules.
Mercury Grand Marquis Belt Routing Diagram
Need to know how to put the serpentine belt back on my car with the 4.6L V8 engine.
Grand Prix Runs for a Minute Then Stops
After about a mile of driving my Pontiac, it stalls out then won't start. Have replace the ignition coils,
MAP sensor and computer.
2007 GMC Acadia
The truck hesitates when accelerating. It shakes and stumbles from a stop when giving it gas.
Popping through Exhaust When Hitting the Gas
My Chevy Blazer with the 350 engine is popping through the exhaust when
accelerating. Did a full tune up did not fix problem.
Silverado Rear Brakes Drag After Replacement
I changed the rear pads and rotors, now the rear will not release and drag causing them to heat up
and wear out. Front brakes are fine.
Headlight Socket Burned
The headlight on my Trailblazer burned the bulb and socket so i replaced it. No
fuses blew. Will this repair last.
2006 Trailblazer P2432
What does this code mean and how to I repair this problem. Think it is the
Secondary Air Injection system.
How To Replace Chevy Sway Bar
I need instructions for replacing the front stabilizer bar on my 2008
Chevrolet HHR. Do the sway bar links need to be changed also?
2006 Cobalt Rough Idle
My car has a check engine light and the idles is very rough. The engine
hesitates when stepping on the gas pedal. It if driving, just a bad idle.
1997 Grand Am Stalls Out
My Pontiac Grand Am has a check engine light with multiple misfire codes. It dies out
a slow speeds but runs good on the highway. Have replaced the ignition coils, fuel
injectors and spark plugs.
1997 Chevy Silverado Stalls At idle And On Highway
We replaced the fuel pump and transmission. The truck dies out in parking lots,
and on the highway it stalls and starts right back up on it's own.
How To Replace Chevy Trailblazer Crank And Cam Sensor
My 2004 Chevy Trailblazer has a check engine and i need to know how to replace the
cam position solenoid and crank position sensor.
Chevy Corvette Won't Start
I have a check engine light on my Corvette. We replaced the ECU, module and spark plugs.
How do i check the fuel injectors? Car blows gas and black smoke from the exhaust.
2001 Pontiac TransAm Shifting Problems
I have had the transmission rebuilt, but after driving it will lose 4th gear. The car also has
an ABS light and the PCM was reflashed at the GM dealer.
Chevy S-10 Coolant Temperature Low
We changed the thermostat, drained the coolant and flushed the heater core.  The engine
is still running at only 140 degrees. What is wrong with my truck?

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Car And Truck Auto Repair Questions- Page 2
Dodge Shadow Has Electrical Problems
The brakes lights and heater go out, tail lights go dim and dome lights stopped working.
2001 Ford Taurus Anti Theft Light
The warning light comes on my Ford Taurus and then the car stalls out. If i let
my car sit a while it will start up again then die. What is wrong with my car?
Cadillac Catera Has low oil pressure. Can the coolant temperature sensor cause this problem?
1997 Chevy 1500 Shift indicator And Speedometer Problem
My truck PRNDL light, tach and speedometer quit working and the truck has
very little engine power.
Toyota Corolla Won't Pass emissions Test
The Catalyst, EVAP and O2 sensor test in the computer of my Toyota
won't show ready even after driving the car for a long time. How do I reset
the computer?
1999 Jeep Cherokee Code P0171 Lean
My truck has a check engine light code P0171 and a rough idle. We replaced
the idle control, O2 sensors and Throttle sensor.
Car Won't Accelerate When Hot
We changed the fuel pump and spark plugs. Checked fuel injectors and wires.
The engine light is on and has a misfire.