1997 Chevy Lumina security light.
Repair done prior = We replaced the key for the ignition a couple of years ago.
Question =
Why is the security light on and it won't go off.  The car starts and works fine.

A common cause for a security light on this vehicle is a faulty
ignition cylinder. There are 2 small
white wires on the cylinder inside the steering column that sense the chip in the key. One or both
of these wires break, and cause this light, and eventually a no start condition. I will send a link to a
page in our site that shows this.....
Here is the link...
Common Security Problem

I have a problem with my 1997 Chevy Lumina that I can't get started.I can turn on the key, all the lights
are on, but when I try to engage the starter it does nothing and the headlights blink off.  I can jump   the
starter with a screwdriver and the car will start but immediately shut off.  I'm thinking it's a key code
problem, but have tried two different keys. I tried to rent a code reader but they told me the car needed
to be running for it to read codes.  Please help direct me in the right direction as this is the wifes car
and it's been down a couple of weeks and she's screaming'!  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks a
million and GO 24!!

Sounds like a security issue. That system has a common problem with the
Passkey ignition key cylinder.
There are two small wires that attach to the cylinder and read the key code. Those wires break. Just
trying a different key wont help, it needs to be the correct security number. That number can be read
from a tool at the dealer. The way to check if the passkey ignition cylinder is bad, is to go under the
dash and check the resistance of the 2 white wires with the key in the ignition. Use a volt/ohm meter to
check the resistance of the circuit. If an open circuit, then the cylinder will need to be replaced. Not sure
how knowledgeable you are with cars, so you may want to take to a repair shop.

P.S. I am a #3, #8 fan Sorry !
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Chevy Lumina Security Light On and Won't Start