2003 Chevy Trailblazer ls 5.3 V8.

Repairs done prior = No problems except for the back passengers side window does not work to
up and down but no major work.

My car dies when i turn on the a/c or heat, it's fine when it's just running, and i am also losing
some power with the buttons on the doors with the lock and unlock button, there is no other
problems but the rpm's dip way down below one when idling with the a/c on, then it catches itself,
but eventually dies, this only happens when idling, it does not die when driving.
This sounds like a very common problem when there is
carbon buildup in the throttle body
bore and plate.

Suggest a good cleaning. The throttle body is the front top of engine that the air cleaner duct
hooks up to.

Remove the duct, open the throttle blade, spray some carburetor or carbon cleaner from any
parts store all around the bore and plate.
Then spray some on a rag- not a paper towel, and wipe all around the bore and plate.
Re-install duct and start the engine. It will run rough for a few second. Rev it up a few times to
"Clear it out". Then take for a short ride doing a few hard accelerations. Shut truck off for 2-3
minutes, then start ans let idle. After this, the idle should be fine."

The window problem may be in the switch itself. If this is the problem, a new switch would need
to be programmed after replacement
2006 Chevy Trailblazer. Engine size = 4.2
Computer codes: P2432. Question = how do I fix it and where do I get the parts.
This code is for the
Secondary Air Injection Pressure sensor circuit voltage low. First
check the fuses labeled "Air Pump"  and "Air Sol", and swap the "Air Sol" relay with a
known good one. They are all in the underhood fuse box. If fuses and relay are
good, you need to test for voltage at the
AIR solenoid valve on the passenger side
of the motor.

The PCM controls the relay and the valve. Most likely the valve is faulty, since the
pressure sensor is internal to it, but you need to make sure the valve functions first.
Would not just guess at replacing it.

2002 chevy trailblazer codes P0105.
Repairs_for_this_problem = None
Question = I took my truck to get the ball joints fixed.when I pick it up later on that day as I drove
and turned my ac on ,my truck turned off on me. Now when I drive and I turn the ac on and
come to a stop my truck turns off. And I never had this problem before.i took it back to the place
that fixed the ball joints and they say we didn't touch nothing but I didn't have this problem
before I took it to them. I need advice.
I can;t see anything about doing ball joints that would cause your stalling problem. See the
above answers for cleaning the carbon from the throttle. That is probably your problem. If they
disconnected the battery, that may have affected the idle with a throttle full of carbon.
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2003 Chevy Trailblazer Dies When Turning The Steering Wheel