1999 Chevy Malibu 6cyl. (3.1L).Dear JK: my a/c switch or (button) inside the car its little light is
always shutting off and on which shuts the a/c off. What could it be?J

Hello again. As long as when the a/c is on it blows nice and cold, that would tell me the freon
charge is good. So then you do have an a/c control head problem. Those control heads are fairly
common for the a/c light flashing, and turning off the a/c compressor. You need to replace the
control head in the dash.

Problem with my 2001 chevy malibu. Service vehicle soon Light.
No codes come up with scanner. body work after collision.
The service vehicle soon light has been on since the collision. The mechanics cannot find a code.

Chevy seems to have rumors about themselves purposely having computer input this data for the
light to come on. How do i turn the light off? Nothing needs to be done to the car. Needed to know
how to tell the computer to turn the light off.

The service vehicle soon light is different then the service engine soon. This is for a body system
problem detected. Usually because of an ABS problem, lighting problem, or a communication
problem between several different modules.

Since it was after a collision, it may be that you need to re-program the BCM to learn the new air
bag module part #. If you only had the powertrain computer (PCM) scanned, that would not reveal
a code for this light.

You need to have the BCM and other modules scanned. If the light is on, there is a code,
or a bad module.

The Service vehicle light is alerting you to a problem in one of the vehicles systems, it is just the messenger, so all computers need to be scanned for codes. Most likley the problem is in the SIR system. The SIR module needs to be either reprogrammed, or the BCM needs to learn the SIR controllers information. Believe me, if a warning light is on, something is wrong. If your local shop does not have to ability to find the cause, then it must go to the dealer. Again, most likely an SIR to BCM problem, so the dealer will have to repair it. Even if the body shop can figure out the reason for the light, they wont be able to do the reprogramming.

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