Oldsmobile Alero Chugging- Low Tire Light

Oldsmobile Alero Chugging. Replaced fuel filter and spark plugs. Question: the car chugs when you go 35 or higher like it not getting gas or something . It has got worse since i changed spark plugs. What can be doing this

There are many things that can cause this condition. Engine related, or transmission related. If it is engine related, could be corroded ignition coil towers under the spark plug wire boots, low fuel pressure caused by a plugged fuel filter or weak fuel pump, plugged catalytic converter, faulty MAF(mass airflow sensor).

But these things will usually cause a check engine light and codes to be stored. Could also be transmission related. Would suggest having a mechanic drive it to determine where to start diagnose. Have had trans. problems that feel like an engine Driveability problem, and an experienced mechanic may be need to determine this.

oldsmobile alero

Oldsmobile Alero 2001. Low tire air and service engine soon lights. All codes were recently reset. The codes were reset so to reduce the idling of the car. Because that was supposedly the issue. Question: I recently (in the past month) went to the shop to get the codes reset on my car to cure the idling it was doing and I also had my ac fixed also. As of 2 days ago, My car has started idling up and after it does that the know goes back down and the car starts to jump lightly and then it will cut off completely. Could this be a battery issue or something more?

I would have the throttle position sensor checked out, I bet that is your problem. When they go bad, they will cause erratic idling, surging, and/or stalling. There is a spring inside the sensor that breaks and then there is no tension on sensor to keep it correctly timed with the throttle blade.

When there is a mismatch, even over a bump this can happen, the idle can rise dramatically, or get so low the car will die out.

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