i have the same car with the same problem.
Is there a recall on this issue.......? My rear electric door locks no longer work either  ....
They don't work with the FOB nor the unlock button on the car
any idea on the problem?  I find it hard to believe is so common and GM is silent I suppose
the new GM is much like the old GM.
No, there is no recall on this issue. Recalls are mostly for
safety issues.
Remotes problem on my 2008 Pontiac G6 SE.
Question: I have the 1SV base model G6. It did not come with a key FOB, but does have power
door locks. The dealership says the car did not come with the key FOB because it does not have
a receiver for remote keyless entry. The website (which sells remotes) indicates my car is
equipped with remote keyless entry (based on my VIN) and they have a $44 remote that will work
after a dealer or locksmith programs it.

My question: how can I tell without a doubt whether my car is equipped with the receiver short of
spending the $$ for a remote and convincing the dealer to try it anyway?

First I would need your VIN# so i can check options on your car for myself.

2008 Pontiac G6 3.5L.
Question: left rear door power lock will not lock or un-lock. Troubleshooting already done is as follows.

Power lock assembly taken out of door with lock assembly still plugged into control wire harness.
There is a approx. 4 volt quick pulse when lock switch pushed. Polarity reverses depending on the
lock or unlock switch being pushed. The lock assemble with wire harness removed has approx. 20
ohms. All other power lock working fine.

This looks like a very common problem of a bad lock / latch assembly. These are quite common on
this and other body styles.

Tapping on it will sometimes get it to start to or try to work. Only other problem I have seen is chaffed
or partially broken wires in the door-to-body passthrough.

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Pontiac G6 Key FOB Problem And Door Won't Unlock