1996 Pontiac Sunfire. Changed 1 of the fuel injectors.
I had a fuel injector leaking around the O ring. I took the leaky injector out and put in a brand new
one with a new o ring. When I put everything back together the car wouldn't start.

There is gasoline blowing out of the exhaust linkage by the manifold. I removed all the
spark plugs
and the fuel is spewing from the far right cylinder. Right beside the one that I changed the injector
on. None of the other cylinders are doing this just the far right one. I took everything apart again
and looked at that particular injector and put another one in its place, put it all back together and
still the same thing.

Gas spewing out the cylinder when trying to start the car. Any ideas on what could cause this?

A leaking
fuel pressure regulator is a common failure for having the cylinder(s) fill with gasoline.
When they leak, fuel gets pumped into the vacuum line, and then into the cylinders.

It is also possible that there is some debre in the end of the fuel rail, at cylinder # 4 injector area,
and after having the rail off, the debre is floating around and plugging up that injector. Let me know
what you find.

High pressure fuel is supplied by an electric pump in the fuel tank. Pressure is regulated by the fuel
pressure regulator. The fuel injector is a solenoid operated device, controlled by the Powertrain
Control Module (PCM), that meters pressurized fuel to a single engine cylinder. The PCM energizes
the high-impedance (12.0 ohms) injector solenoid to open a normally closed ball valve. This allows
fuel to flow into the top of the injector, past the ball valve, and through a director plate at the
injector outlet.
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Pontiac Sunfire has Gas Leaking Out The Injectors And Cylinders