Chevy Impala 2004. Need guidance on replacement of water pump on 2004 impala with 3.4 six.

To remove the water pump, first, make sure engine is cool and no pressure in the system, remove
the belt. Then hold the pump pulley tightly and remove the 4 10mm bolts that hold on the pulley.
Tap the pulley to remove. Then remove the 5 5/16 (or 8mm) bolts that hold the pump. Be sure a
drain pan is under the car to catch the coolant. Clean the mounting surface of old gaskets. Install
new pump, pulley, belt, and bleed the system
2006 Chevy Impala 3.5 Engine Has No Heat
Had to add coolant. Especially when sitting at an idle. I checked the
antifreeze, and it was low. I dont see any leaks on the ground. I had a
pressure check done, but they did not find anything. Can you help, it is
quite cold by me this time of year
Replacing 3400 V6 Intake Manifold Gaskets for a Coolant Leak
How to adjust valves, 3.4 v6, 1999.To replace intake gaskets what is the
procedure for installing correct length push rods in the right spot and
 after taking push rods out of way to get gaskets.
In I am former gm tech
Buick Lesabre 3800 V6 Coolant Leak
Won't crank to start. One day it started riding funny so i pulled over and turned
the car off when i lifted up the hood it was no water in it and there was no sign of
leakage. I put Dexcool in it, but then it wouldn't crank
To tell or explain something is fine, but sometimes you could really use pictures or
diagrams to make clear the explanations and show pesky bolt locations and such.
Big Joe in Ohio
over heating while driving no more than a mile. Replaced Thermostat, radiator and
serpentine belt. No leaks, pressure checked ok. No smells and oil doesn't look
milky or yellowish on dipstick. Heater won't work but cool air will. Help....2004 chevy
impala 3.4
No heat means either air in the cooling system- possible
head gasket problem, or no flow. Check coolant flows
through radiator when t-stat opens. Have seen impeller
broke of water pump, and
belt put on pump incorrectly.
also check the heater core may have stopped working.
I had same problem it was the head gaskets.
ok looking for some help here on the
3.8 l v6 there is an l shaped (looks like PCV
valve) that looks as if it is coming out of the block and going into my tensioner. I
need to know what that is and if it could be leaking coolant?
That is a coolant bypass pipe. They do break and leak
coolant. You will have to remove the tensioner to get that
pipe out. The other plastic pipe will probably break off
during removal, so replace them both.

2005 Chevy Impala.
Question: I put the wrong coolant in my car. I didn't realize it until I smelled something
burning. So I took it to a mechanic they started talking amongst their selves,then the guy
told me it was my water pump and thermostat. They even looked in and seen the green
stuff I put in my car and said nothing about that. So I took my car to Oriley too get the water
pump and thermostat they ask for. As I was talking to employee he said I put the wrong
coolant in my car. What should I do?
First you have to fix the coolant leak. Get those parts replaced. While they are doing that,
have them do a good system flush do get all the coolant out of the system. Best to have the
plugs pulled from the block, as just draining from the radiator or from the water pump
replacement will only get not even half of all the coolant out.
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Help Replacing 2004 Chevy Impala Water Pump