1996 Pontiac Bonneville check engine light. Transmission control solenoid codes.
Where is the transmission control solenoid located on the transmission?

If you are referring to the Pressure Control Solenoid valve(would need trouble code number) , it is
located in the valve body of the trans. The side cover would have to come off. As looking through
the driver side wheel well, it is on the left side of the valve body, just above the TCC solenoid.

Let me know if you need more assistance, or would like a diagram.

1997 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.1 L.Replaced ignition switch wiring harness, replaced fan blower
relay, checked fuses.Question = 1997 Grand Prix SE 3.1L electrical problems. Blower fan runs only
on high. Replaced fan relay resistor - works for a day then high only. Replaced ignition switch
wiring harness, fan relay (multiple times). Recently started, right turn signal flashes the right
headlight. Right headlight is dim, even without turn signal. Left turn signal flashes the drive
indicators P-N-R-D-1-2.

Sounds like you have an ignition switch problem that is back feeding a bunch of different circuits.
The blower problem is probably a resistor. Seeing as how you replaced the blower resistor already,
it could have gone bad, or if it wasn't a genuine GM part it's probably junk. I would replace the
ignition switch and see if your problem is gone. I've seen bad ignition switches cause some very
odd problems, such as lights flashing when they shouldn't and other circuit failures. A faulty Body
Control Module can do some odd things too electrically, but I'd go for a switch first. The BCM would
need to be programmed to your vehicle if you replace it. Otherwise check the obvious things like
fuses and circuits for shorted out wires, etc.

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Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission Solenoid And Ignition Switch Problems