2001 Chevy Suburban 8.1L K2500. When driving with the cruise control engaged at 70mph, the car
will quit running. Sometimes if you give it gas it will restart but the cruise control will not work. Pulling
the car to the shoulder and turning it off and back on resets everything and it runs fine.

It usually doesn't stall again that trip after one time.I took it to the local dealer and they thought it
was the ignition switch (circuit 3?)so they replaced it (~$400). It worked better. Before the new
ignition switch, when it stalled, the gear shift indicator was out or it would misread and other
electrical anomalies would occur. It will stall when idling, like at a stop light, but not as frequently as
when running at speed. This problem seems to be getting worse as time goes on. I will appreciate
any help on this that I can take to my mechanic. Thanks!!

It sounds as if you may have more than 1 problem. Seems that the ignition switch(pretty common)
Fixed a few things. Stalling at any speed could be a fuel pressure problem. Stalling at idle could
also be a problem with the throttle body carboned up and needs to be cleaned, or a vacuum leak.
Will need to have codes scanned, live data looked at, and go from there. If it when it dies, it chugs a
little, i would lean more toward a fuel pressure problem. If it just shuts off, then most likely electrical.

Chevy Suburban 1999 GMC 1500.I Replaced fuel pump, filter and i have plenty of fire. Where is the
fuel pressure regulator can you send a picture thanks.

The fuel pressure regulator (FPR) on your GMC is located under the upper intake manifold plenum.
As with any regulator, it is controlled by vacuum. This style does not have a vacuum hose. The port
is just open to the internal vacuum of the manifold. A problem with these will usually cause a hard
starring problem. Fuel leaks into the manifold and causes a rich condition. You can smell gas in the
oil most of the time.

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Chevy Suburban Stalling Out- 1999 GMC Fuel Regulator Location