Oldsmobile Alero Knock Sensor And Hard To Start

2000 Oldsmobile Alero. What type of sensor sits next to the oil filter. I broke it when I was changing the oil filter. I nned to know the name of it so i can go to the parts store and get a new to replace it. I cannot find a diagram to show what sensor it is.

I believe the sensor you are referring to is the Knock Sensor. It is just above the oil filter n your Oldsmobile. A round sensor with a 1-wire connector. Another sensor in the area is the oil pressure sensor. This had a black barrel and connector with several wires. Either can be purchased from any parts store. They just screw right into the block.

Question: 2004 Oldsmobile Alero Engine size 3.4L. Service VEHICLE soon lite. What could be the cause of service vehicle soon lite and no dash lites to see at night.

Answer: There are many things that can cause the service vehicle light to come on. This light comes on for body system problems. The service vehicle light may have come on because of the dash lighting problem. First thing to do would be to check all of the fuses in the car to make sure none are blown. Then you would have to have the Body Control Module (BCM) scanned for codes.

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2001 Oldsmobile Alero. Did a tune up at 65k miles. Replaced fuel pump and filter. My customer states car cranks but does not start. Another shop had car while this was happining.i was told car started with a tap or two on the gas tank. They had a fuel pump and filter put on customer states car started for two weeks. Then same problem car was towed to me and starts every time no c.e.o. no codes in history or t.s.b..nothing from wiggle test. Ive found this is a common prob with this year make and module but have not found a fix any ideas?Or rec test to run?

Well,of course you need to verify that no fuel pressure is the problem. No dash lights, so does not sound like a security issue.A few things i have had over the years.....Faulty fuel pump relay in underhood fuse block, or a problem inside the fuse block itself.

Swapping relay when acting up, or tapping on block when acting up will usually cause it to start. The fuel pump feed goes through the left dash fuse block also. No relays or fuses, it just goes in then comes out on the way to the pump.

Have had a few problems inside that fuse block as well. Pull a few fuses to look for any sign of water on the terminal, or rust around the block. A corroded circuit inside the dash fuse block can cause low voltage to the pump. Also bad ignition switches causing low voltage to several of the cars systems. A check of voltage at the fuel pump / injector fuse when the car is acting up will show a possible low voltage condition

Oldsmobile Alero 2002. My car vibrates when i have my foot on the brake pedal waiting for the traffic light.

This is a condition of either and engine misfire or a vacuum leak. A misfire is one or more cylinders not firing causing your car to vibrate. That can be caused by a bad spark plug, plug wire, ignition coil, fuel injector or a vacuum leak.
A vacuum leak causes the cylinder to be too lean and not fire properly. Too much air, and not enough gas. You will need to determine what cylinder is misfiring and then diagnose why that is happening, A scan of the computer codes will help do that.

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