How To Replace Pontiac Grand Am Water Pump

2000 Pontiac Grand am gt. We replaced thermostat. I need the steps to change the water pump on grand am gt 2000.

To remove the water pump, first, make sure engine is cool and no pressure in the system, remove the belt. Then hold the pump pulley tightly and remove the 4 10mm bolts that hold on the pulley. Tap the pulley to remove. Then remove the 5 5/16 (or 8mm) bolts that hold the pump. Be sure a drain pan is under the car to catch the coolant. Clean the mounting surface of old gaskets. Install new pump, pulley, belt, and bleed the system. Let me know if you need more help, JK.

pontiac grand am



thank you much. So i dont necessarily need to jack up the engine 6 to 8 inches to get it out and what about draining the cooling system completely before removal of pump? Thanks again i am trying to tackle this job on my own with little experience, but so far so good.

No. On the 3.4L engine, you can pull the pump up and out without lifting engine. It is a little tight, but does come out.

For me, removing the pump and having the coolant dump into a drain pan is quicker and easier, although can get messy if you miss the pan. Removing drain plug on radiator is just kind of a pain to do, and can break off. You will loose nearly as much coolant as pulling the radiator drain plug.

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