1997 Chevy Lumina. Hey, I recently wrote you about how i could get my radio out of my Lumina, after
a hell lot of work I finally was able to start working on it yesterday. But a problem came up I got the
old radio out and the new (not a factory, but one of those Walmart ones) in, the Cd's played great
and all features worked perfectly.

Therefore my wiring is ok (speakers,power,etc...) But the radio didn't play. I tried several adapters
and even put the old one back in and tried to see if it works with the radio. It did. Now I think the
problem is that i didn't unlock my old radio. I do have the unlock Key for it and even the procedure.
Only problem is it doesn't make any sense to me. I says I'm supposed to hold the hrs button until I for
the first 2 digits (14) and the min button till the 2nd digits appear (94). Then I am supposed to hold
the AM/FM button till SEC appears. I tyred several variations but nothing works. What is the correct
way of doing it?

It should not matter if you
unlocked the radio at all for the new radio to function. Sounds like new
radio's antenna cable maybe not be in correctly, or the incorrect adapter for the antenna(if it has
one.) Possibly a malfunctioning radio. All of the radio lock functions and logic are internal to the radio
and should have no affect on a non-gm radio. Try this procedure if you wish.....

Unlocking/ deactivating unit with back-up code or customer code.
Press the HR button until the LOC disappears and 000 appears on the display. Note: If the display
does not change from LOC to 000 the unit is probably in the INOP stage, secondary lock-out.

Set the first two digits (01-19) of the code with HR (hours) button. Note: As if you have 8217;
re setting the time of day you will not see the 0 in the far left side. Example; if the first two digits of
your code is 02 you will scroll with the HR button until 2 appears on the display.)

Set the next two digits (00-99) of the code with the MIN (minute) button.

Press the AM-FM button to enter the code. The radio will now be unlocked and the display will
change to the clock. Continue with the following steps to deactivate the theft deterrent.

Press the HR button until display changes 000.Repeat steps 2-4 above to remove previous code and
deactivation the theft deterrent system.
If you dont have a code, i can show you how to get factory back-up code which will unlock radio.

1997 Chevy Lumina. Battery/altenator were replaced. Several 'guesses' were made as to what the code
is. Hi, is there a 'back door' to unlock the radio? Recently had to replace the alternator and battery and
the radio obviously lost power. It has an anti theft device on it - it was probably a neat radio in 1997!
Would just like it to turn on now!! Can you help? I am the original owner but have no idea what the code is
and there is nothing written down in the owner's manual.

Thank for your tip/donation.Here is what we need to unlock your radio. With the key ON, hold the #2 and
#3 presets until a 3 digit code is displayed. Write numbers down.
Press the am/fm button, and a second set of numbers will be displayed. Write these down.
If 2-3 do not work, use the 1-4 buttons.

Then i will need to call in these numbers and get an unlock code. I will instruct on how to enter the unlock
code. If however, too many attempts have been made to enter in an incorrect code, the radio may display
INOP. If it does, you will not be able to get me these numbers, as it is in a secondary lock-out mode. You
will have to leave the key on without touching radio for at least 1 hour. Be sure to have on a battery
charger if car not running. After the 1 hour, do the procedure above to get me the 2 sets of numbers,
then we can unlock it. I will wait for your reply.JK:Your factory back-up unlock code should be XXXX
Enter it in the way you tried before. Here is the procedure.....Unlocking/ deactivating unit with back-up
code or customer code....
Get Your Radio Unlock Code Here

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How To Unlock Chevy Lumina Radio