1999 Lumina 3.1L V6.
Question = Having a either battery / alternator problem. Battery/altenator were checked at local
garage, and determined battery was dead. Replaced! Couple days later woke up to dead car,
again. Charged for about 5 min. Started at once. Several hours later, dead again. H E L P!

Thank you for your tip/donation. By what you are describing, it sounds like you may have
something caller a 'parasitic draw'.

This is a current draw on the battery with everything off. That is assuming nothing has been  left
on by accident, like a dome light, or something plugged into the cigar lighter/power  outlet.
The way to diagnose condition is to have a technician hook
volt / ohm meter, and with   
everything off, check for a draw on the battery. Most draws will drain a battery overnight,  some
more severe will take only a few hours. An older, weaker battery, will be grained  quicker, and
may not be able to be charged again.

A newer battery will recover just fine  after a good charge. Some common areas on this vehicle to
check would be the glove box light staying on, visor  vanity mirror lights staying on, power door
lock switch contacts sticking, trunk light staying  on. These are some things that you can check if
you like before taking it to a technician. Thanks again for tip/donation

2001 Chevy Monte Carlo. 3.4L V6.
SES light. Replaced alternator and tensioner. But car still won't hold charge.
Question = So my girlfriend and I bought the Monte Carlo and it ran fine. 2 weeks later the battery
died and needed to be jumped every day. So after changing the alternator and the tensioner that
was broken it still wouldn't start without a jump. However, we jumped it today and noticed the
engine rocks very hard and shakes and knocks.

It also stalls out when put into drive or reverse. We have pushed the gas peddle and it doesn't rev
or even move. Then shortly after the car dies out. We also have white smoke coming from the
exhaust pipe. Could it be the EGR valve? Or fuel injector? I'd really appreciate the help. Also if you
have any ideas why the car won't start on it's own after replacing the failed alternator.
If you ran the car off of just the battery while the alternator was inoperative, you most likely
discharged the battery too much and it will not hold a charge now. You should replace the battery
as well when you do an alternator replacement. That should handle the no start condition. But as
for your other problems, it sounds like you have some major engine trouble.

If is not the
EGR valve or a bad injector causing your issues, but most likely the car is misfiring
due to coolant getting into the cylinders. When you have white smoke out the exhaust pipe, that
indicates that coolant is being burned along with the fuel and air mixture. The 3.4L engines are
known to have intake gaskets that leak as well as head gasket problems. If it extremely severe, or
was overheated badly, you could have a warped cylinder head or cracked head or block.
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1999 Lumina Won't Hold A Charge- Battery And Alternator Replaced