Code P0171- Pontiac Grand Am 2001

2001 Pontiac Grand Am check engine light.
Question: why does my grand am has a check engine light come on. I had the codes pulled from a scanner at Autozone. They said it was p0171 and i need an oxygen sensor. Do you think this right? How do i replace it. Where exactly is it. Thank you very much.

Thank you for the tip/donation. It is possible that the oxygen sensor is bad causing the code P0171 lean. First you should check for a vacuum leak. Some common areas of vacuum leaks on that engine are the PCV hose, evaporative system purge solenoid valve, or upper intake manifold gaskets.

A loose air intake duct can also cause this. If there are no vacuum leaks found, then yes, it does sound like a bad oxygen sensor. Thanks again for tip/donation. I will send some pics of these areas to check for vacuum leaks, and location of the oxygen sensor this code refers to.

pontiac grand am

my car was fine until i got a tune up now car shakes and cuts off and also every light possible comes on two mechanics say i need an engine please help what should i do

Dont see how a tune up can cause all these problems. It is possible that they did an oil change and the filter is wrong or faulty and it plugged up an oil passage in the cylinder head, and now there is no oil pressure to the top of engine. This causes engine noise and running bad, see this link but that is just a guess. We need to know what codes are stored in all those computers.

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