Chevy Trailblazer Head Light Socket Burned Out

The inside under the hood caught on fire. Not the engine or transmission, the windshield cooler, where you put the antifreeze and maybe where you put freon for the air conditioner, i like to know if it is worth repairing, no damage to interior of the car just under the hood. Chevrolet Trailblazer 2002 LS.

It's all up to you whether it's worth fixing. I can't be a judge of that. If you're willing to spend the money to fix it back up, and want to keep the vehicle, then go for it. If there is a lot of damage, or you don't want to spend the money on it, then don't. If it's in nice shape otherwise, it may be worth keeping and fixing, but again it's all a judgement call on how much you want to do.

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The low beam headlamp on the drivers side melted the socket about two months ago.I replaced the socket with a generic from Napa. When this happened it did not blow the fuse. The lamp did not blow,also there is no moisture in the headlamp area.I have now had the same problem again. 2004 Chevy Trailblazer. Repairs for this problem = Replaced headlamp socket.

I noticed on your website and some others that this seems to be a fairly common headlight problem. When I replaced the socket I used crimp style butt splices with watertight shrink tubing. I noticed that there are hi temp sockets available would this help.I do not think the replacement that I installed the first time was this type.

You need a good quality socket from GM. It comes with the required heat shrink connectors. Also, if you're running an aftermarket bulb, or have some other than stock headlight system, that causes an overload on the circuit and will melt sockets. For example, the blue lights you see on foreign cars. Make sure the new socket is wired correctly and always use new bulbs after doing a repair. Even if the bulb is not blown, it can be faulty and causing a heavy draw. Visit your local dealership for the correct parts.

2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer. My passenger headlight went out on my 2005 Trailblazer. I swapped out the bulb and it still wont come back on. The Driver side works fine along with the High beams on both sides. Is there a fuse that controls one headlamp each or is a single fuse controlling both?

You might want to take a closer look at the connector where you plug in the headlight bulb. It could be burned and/or melted a bit from the heat of the lamp. If this is the case, just installing a new bulb won't fix the issue. You will have to purchase a new connector end to wire into the existing harness and then install the new bulb. If you find that the connector is ok, and you're sure the bulb is good, you might want to look in the fuse box under the hood. There will be a fuse for the low beams and also there is a headlamp relay but that will usually affect both bulbs, not just one. I'm betting you have a burned connector, so check there first.

I have replaced the drivers side head light socket three times. Nothing seems to work. All three have heated up and melted. The rider side hasnt had any problem. still looking for a good repair.
 Answer: You need a meter and test continuity of the ground side of the socket. Be sure you are using a quality socket. I believe there a a heavy duty one available.

So I have just had the same headlight problem.(caught fire and had melted wires) . They found it after the dealership kept putting in new bulbs (low beam) I took it to a licensed mechanic who was very familiar with this as it it is a defect that gm does not acknowledge. I had also replaced the relay system for tail lights a year ago.... This is safety issues gm should fix. We are the original owners and have 83000 miles... Car always maintained never abused so why punish those of us that care for our cars.

I have repaired many of these at my dealership. There is an updated plug from GM to address this issue. You can also order ceramic plugs on the Internet that can withstand the draw and heat from the bulbs. You might also want to upgrade the wires to the headlamp socket to a thicker gauge, the wires from the factory are tiny.

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