Yea my mom has a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer and it is doing the same thing as the person in the 11/26/10 posting. I took a
look at the vehicle today but when I turned the ignition to the on position, I noticed that the daytime low beams came on. I
took it to a local shop and he said that the lights are working and to pick up the vehicle. Do you know if this covers both
daytime and nighttime low beams.
Yea my mom has a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer and it is doing the same thing as the person in the 11/26/10 posting. I took a
look at the vehicle today but when I turned the ignition to the on position, I noticed that the daytime low beams came on. I
took it to a local shop and he said that the lights are working and to pick up the vehicle. Do you know if this relay covers
both daytime and nighttime low beams.
Yes, the part you mention is on the same circuit as the
regular low beam headlamps that come on at night. It is at a
reduced level for daytime running lights which is controlled
by the headlamp driver module and body control module.
Unless you have a problem like a specific lamp not working,
or the daytime running lights not working, the system should
be working normally if that relay is good, and all of your bulbs
are functional.
I looked up "both headlights went out on a chevy blazer 2006" your website came up. I read it to my husband, five minutes
later he said, that was the exact problem. Thank you very much.
I have read over all of the suggestions here and have tried most. I still have no low beams. I got pulled over the other night
and I am afraid that the next time I won't be let off with a warning. If anyone has other suggestions please email me at... I
called my local gm dealership and they wanted to charge me $200 just to look at it.
Local service center in Puerto Rico - Alberic Auto - quoted $600.00 new fuse box + labor $250. I was getting mugged.
It is only $30 like you said. Jose. Thanks for saving me $820.00 !!!!!!
Thanks. The part fixed the problem cost $40.00 like you said.
saved hundreds not going to a shop.
Hallelujah, it worked!!! Thanks for the tip!
The low beam headlights on my 2004 Chevy Trailblazer dont work. The both went out at the same time. I replaced both
bulbs even though I would not think they could go out at the same time. Fuses are all good. What can I do to repair this
problem.I replaced the relay three time now each time the relay last about two to three months
Check connections to terminals in fuse box for that. Possible
headlight switch also.
I posted on 1-4-11 didn't know I couldn't put my email! I am going to try and replace the relay and see if that works. My
dad looked at it and said that it looked fine but will try this. Thanks
.Yea. Replace the muffler.
We just recently had the same problem & after replacing bulbs & switches, found the answer online!  Even the dealer
couldn't help.  Tried switching from picture & problem solved!  Thank you!!!!
Anyone else having problems with a rattling muffler on their
Trailblazer? Mine is a 2004, and muffler is driving me crazy.
Burning that relay means there is either a shorted wires in
that circuit, high resistance in the ground circuit or a burned /
corroded connector. Make sure the bulb connectors are not
burned, then move wires around looking for a short.
I had a very similar problem. My problem differs though because for a week my low beams went on and off randomly at
night. Finally yesterday they stopped coming back on. I checked the relay, switching the high and low relay fuse. The low
beams still did not work. What else do you suggest?
Thank you, Thank you.  You saved me $200.
BINGO! I was frustrated when the fuse didn't have
power.......this helped allot! THANKS.
I have a 2002 and I tried this...didn't work!  Also checked
bulbs and fuses. Got anything else that will help?
2004 trailblazer headlights. Thanks a lot, it really helps me,
and avoid to pay someone to check  my headlight.
Thank you.
Thank you!!!  From Dallas, Texas
Thank you this is all very helpful information to Trailblazer
owners just wish GM would take care of this through a recall!
Replaced that $30 part this morning.................................. I
have lights!!!!! Thanks!
Thank you very much! Another Chevy Trail Blazer that did not go to the garage!! Fixed the problem after seeing your post!
Thank you so much just showed a bunch of men how to fix a
car they had been working on all day!!!!  It is good to be a
exactly what was wrong with mine too.  Thanks!
THANK YOU so much!!  I've been having the same problem for awhile and it took me awhile to convince my hubby I wasn't
delusional cause when he would start it...he would have lights until FINALLY....they stopped.  Replaced the switch, took it
to a garage and no one could help, happened upon this sight, told him, he went out and BINGO...i too have lights....a
good day.  TY you ROCK!
Thank you so much I was about to take the car to the dealer and was afraid of the bill, thinking it may be a electrical
problem. I had changed the bulb and looked at the fuses and the relay. Never knew about this part.
(problem solved)-2006 Trail blazer!
Have the same problem with my light . I thought I could find
the problem But NO . First time I have ever looked on line for
help . Thanks to you there fixed!!!!! Thanks ,A lot
Thank you very much!! Great site!!! This was easy to find, no dealers had it. Glad you folks help me know what to look
for! Thanks again!!!
Thank you fix it in 20 minutes
OMG!!!!!!! Thank you so much, I was so scared it would be a
major electrical problem....
I had exact same problem and it's solved~! Thanks. My 2003
Trailblazer doesn't lid middle tail lights after this incident.
What else do I need to look at?Thanks in advance.
Thank You Very Much!!!!. I had a feeling it might be that. But
did not know which one to look at.. Thanks Again. Paul
I had three so called mechanics look at it and could not
figure it out. Thank You !
One headlight would work one time then it would not the other. I found out when I move the main fuse box, the light would
come on. I tighten the bolts inside the box, problem solved.
My Daughter has a 2002 Dodge Stratus and both her low beams went out at the same time. I read your fix for the same
issue someone was having with their Chevy Truck, does the same apply for this make/model? If so, is the part easily
I am so great full for this website THANKS .
thank you so much, i have an 04 trailblazer, and man i
changed everything, i did what you said to do, and my lights
worked!!!!!!!!! Thanks again, god bless
I saw this suggestion last year on another site and did the same thing.  The headlight problem went away.  And just tonight
they started doing it again.  What are the chances of 2 going bad in the life of the vehicle.
My husband was going nuts trying to figure out the low beam issue. New bulbs, new fuse, new pigtails, new headlight
switch and still nothing!  I typed the question in and found your site. BINGO!! It was that part.  Getting a new one
tomorrow. Thanks so much!!
Right on the money! Exactly like you said! Thanks!!!
Amazing!! Replaced fuses and bulbs on my 2002
trailblazer,still no head lamps!(needs a recall by the
way!)-auto parts store was no help-u were-Thanks!!
Swap works for 04 V6 as well. Thanks for the assist on this.
Oh wow!!!! Thanks so much. Both of my low beams on 2004 trailblazer would go off and on periodically but finally quit all
together. Fuses were ok. Could only find it for high beams. Never would have thought they would have been under that
headlight relay label. I was going to try dimmer switch which was 150 dollars. You guys rock!!!!!!
Low beams 04 Trail Blazer not working will let u know if it works.
Thanks for all the info. This is a very dangerous problem. Chevy should have a recall for this. My lights went out on me
on a very dark road. I was so scared, but could not stop, due to safety reasons. This is great information. I will get this
fixed as soon as possible. I'm so happy I found this before the dealership charged me hundreds of dollars!!!! THANKS
What a great tip on 2004 trailblazer. Swapped out works great.
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You can disregard the previous message about having no lights after installing that. Major stupidity on my part.
I had lights this morning because it was still dark enough for the auto headlights to come on. At 11:00am, of course they
didn't come on. Decided to pull into the garage this afternoon and the lights worked perfectly. Also was concerned
because the running lights failed to come on. Didn't realize that the Trailblazer had to be in gear before they came on. Off
when in park.
Thanks a bunch for the tip on testing. After several missteps, all came out well in the end.
Awesome! Worked for our 2004 trailblazer. Thanks for great advice!
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.Same problem on my 04 no low beams.  Checked fuses.  Switched the things like shown in picture and the lights worked.  
Swapped back in original position and the lights are still worked.
Both of my low beams went out at the same time, but I put new bulbs in and they worked. 3 months later my passenger
side low beam went out. I bought another bulb, but the first one wasn't burnt out. It worked for 2 days and went out again.
I noticed the wires/connector to the bulb had some black on it like maybe it had been burnt out. But the light worked right
away so I didn't thinking anything of it. 2 days later it's not working again.... Any suggestions??
Wow!! Mine went out in my '07 tonight on the way home. No street lights where we live either.  It didn't make sense that
they both went out at the same time, but changed the fuses anyway. Of course that didn't work. So, I jumped online and
found this information almost right away. I have an '07.  Funny, I could have been the lady the first guy was helping.  But
ended up helping myself.  My husband is shocked too, but won't say. Thanks again!!!!!
Thank you,great info. 2004 Chevy Trailblazer,low beams out, switched them and both hi and lows work now. Of coarse I
went through all the bull before I found this very helpful site. Once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
Glad we could be of help for your Chevy Trailblazer headlight
problem. Come visit again !
This tip is very helpful... Saved me a bunch of money.  Your Tip was a life saver!!!!
I just wanted to say thanks!!!! I usually work on transmissions but this lady wanted me to look at her headlights. I'm so
glad you gave this tip!!!!!!
I can not thank you enough. Three different mechanics, numerous opinions and staring down the possibility of an $800
wiring issue (Chevy dealership)I found your website.  I felt so unbelievably empowered when I went to the auto store
ordered exactly what I needed, popped the hood, and replaced the fuse myself. I did some kind of joyous girlie scream
and have this and I can do anything and feeling. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO.
Thank you so much!! Very helpful !
Head light Problem with my 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer Truck.
4.2 inline six
Repairs for this problem = Replaced both headlight bulbs and checked fuses.

Question = The
low beam headlights on my 2004 Chevy Trailblazer dont work. They both went out
at the same time. I replaced both bulbs even though I would not think they could go out at the same
time. Fuses are all good. What can I do to repair this problem.

As long as all the
fuses are good, and the high beams work correctly, then the common problem is
a faulty headlamp relay. This relay is in the under hood fuse block. A lot of the time it is overlooked
because it is labeled "HDM". See picture below.
This applies to 2003, 2005 and 2006 Trailblazers also.

Most people dont realize this is for the headlamps. An easy way to check that is to swap it with the
same type relay that is right next to it. Turn the key off, swap relays, turn key on, then turn head
light switch on. It they come on, replace the bad relay. It costs approx. $35.
I have 2002 GMC envoy had same problem with low beams not working. Changed bulbs $28 then checked fuses no luck.
 Look on here and went to garage instantly and did what the pictures showed and it worked!! I will go buy that little thing  
now.  Thanks for saving me $$$$.
Chevy Trailblazer Low Beam Headlights Not Working.
I LOVE you guys!! I've been driving with my bright lights on for about 2 weeks. I did a google search today and found
you.I fixed it and it  only took me 10 minutes,$37 part and I didn't even break a nail. I am NOT mechanically inclined, but
today, after fixing this, I feel like I can do anything! Thanks!
Was at alot of sites and no one seemed to know what the problem was or spent alot of money on proffesionals and did
not get any where. Seems to me people try to over think easy solutions or try to get money for it .  You saved me tons of
time and money M y wife thanks you and so do i . thank you . the Crusons.
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Chevy Trailblazer Low Beam Headlights Not Working
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