Does Your Radio Display Show LOC or INOP ?

Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick and Oldsmobile.

Did you disconnect or replace your car battery or your radio? Get The Code To Unlock It Yourself !

Don't pay Dealer rates to unlock your radio. We get your radio unlock code just like the Dealer because we ARE Dealer mechanics.

Most 1990's through early 2000's GM cars and trucks used a theft system to lock the radio when power is lost.

If your radio displays the word LOC or INOP you can easily retrieve a set of numbers that enables us to give you the unlock code and instructions.


With the key on, hold down the radio preset buttons 1 & 4 (or 2 & 3 on some models) for approximately 10 seconds or until a set of 3 numbers comes up on the display. Write the numbers down.


Next press the AM / FM button. A new set of 3 numbers will now show. Write these numbers down. We will then use those numbers to get the unlock code. Give us those numbers during checkout below.


Only $9.95. Use any major credit / debit card or PayPal. The Unlock code and simple instructions to enter it will be sent by e-mail.




"Thank you so much!!! It worked the first shot! I did this for my sister in law Chevy, who didn't have the radio in her working since she got it!!!! She was extremely happy!!! Again, thank you so much!!!"- Ellisha from ON., Canada.

Thank you very much for your help. The Buick code worked perfectly and I did not have any problems entering the code. I will recommend your company to others."- Doshia from Grenada, MS.

"You guys are AWESOME! I can't recommend you enough. I was skeptical at first but I no longer am."- Jesse from Colorado

"The low cost radio unlock code for my Pontiac radio worked perfectly and took less than 20 seconds to program in. Thank you for your quick response and help."- Terry.

"Purchased a radio code for my Oldsmobile ....the dealer was going to charge $125 for this simple service. THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! What a great service!! I APPRECIATE IT! I wish there were more honest people not trying to take our money out there" - Scott.

"This website is great!!!! For a little of nothing my Pontiac radio is unlocked and works perfectly. It took less than an hour to get the code and the took only about thirty secs to enter it. i highly recommend this site to anyone who does not want to spend 50 to 100 bucks to unlock their radio. Glad you guys are around keep up the good work!!!!" -Eric from Chicago.

"Wow- not only am I impressed how easy that was- I am equally impressed with the level of customer service you provide. I will be sure to pass your website along whenever possible."- Jim from Rochester, NY.

"I had to have the battery replaced since it was original and didn't realize that any power interruption would activate the anti-theft device. I know the store took precautions, but what a not so fun thing to have happen. They researched another dealership that could fix it for me for about $200. Not excited with that info. So you all are my hero's and the CD player/clock/ radio is back Online.T thanks again for the radio unlock code- immensely appreciated :)" Lorell, from Spokane, WA.

"It worked great thanks for the help!! The nearest Oldsmobile dealer is 100 miles from me and he would not tell me the code over the phone. He tried to tell me the only way to get the code was to hook my car up to their computer. Thanks for saving me gas money not to mention what the dealership would have charged."- Lewy from Logan, UT.

Yeah thank you very much :) Being without music for 5 months in my Oldsmobile has been hard so it is very much appreciated! I'm in the UK too so have not been able to get any help with it at all. So thanks again".- Aimee from Teynham, Kent, UK.

"You guys rock! I needed a Pontiac unlock radio code, and I got it from you within the hour as promise.(the instructions were so easy) the small donation was nothing compared to what I had been quoted from a dealer($40.00 plus a coffee). I will have no problems donating in the future and will recommend your site to everyone I know! Thanks again!"- Michell from MA, USA.

"Worked great ! Your the best. Keep up the good work. Its nice to know that there still are honest and helpful people around. THANKS"- Sara from Eau Claire, WI.

"You guys are great. Pontiac radio code worked fine. Glad to see there are people out there to help the independent shop. Dealers are no help."- George from Paden city, WV

"I just got my code to unlock my car stereo in my 2002 chevy blazer, and it worked great. Thank you so much. I will Highly recommend your site."- Mike from Baltimore, MD.

"So great to have tunes again ! Less than an hour and $9.95, who can beat that. Be back soon !"- Bobby from Chicago, IL.

"You guys are the best. I will let people know about u guys."- Jason from Lawndale, CA.

"Good afternoon!! I DID IT!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.. I first doubted myself and stopped by the Pontiac dealer.... 85.00!!!!!!!!!! I said no way.. I let it run like you said, only about a half hour and LOC appeared again, followed your steps... And it worked!! OXXOXO to you.. I am so thankful."- Cindy from Houghton Lake, MI

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