Traction Control Questions and Answers

Impala Traction Control Light and Noise
My 2005 Chevy Impala service traction light is on and as I'm driving it makes this noise that sounds almost like I'm driving in the air or motor cycle sounds.

Buick Traction, ABS and Engine Light
The traction control light and ETS OFF are on the dash when driving. What can i do abut this problem and is it dangerous.

Pontiac Grand Am TRAC Off Light And Transmission Noise
When the trac off light comes on, it makes a thump when it goes through the gears. It is in a shop right now, but the light is not coming on and they don't know what it is.

GMC Truck Several Traction Lights Codes
Can someone pls help me out with how to solve the codes that came up on my 2007 GMC YUKON DENALI. I took it to get diagnosed & these codes came up- C0899, C0562.

Oldsmobile Trac Off Light Comes On
I was driving down Interstate and my car started hesitating/skipping. Felt like it was not getting gas and my Trac Off light came on. It did this one or two times and then corrected itself.

2006 Chevy Trailblazer Service Stability and Traction Light
Why does my service stablity and traction light come on my 2006 Chevy Trailblazer? A scan showed code C0455 and C0244.

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2002 Cadillac Deville ABS and Traction Control Lights
My Cadillac has the ABS and traction light warnings on the dash. Scanned for computer shows no code. Replaced the brake pads and put fluid in.

Pontiac Grand Prix Traction Light On
The traction light is on my p[ontiac Grand Prix. The car also some ABS and transmision codes. Live chat with an auto mechanic for free.

2003 Buick LeSabre ABS Code C1214 Traction Control Light
My 2003 Buick Lesabre has an ABS light and traction control warning. The dealer scanned code C1214 and said I need the EBCM. Can you verify this problem for me.

1997 Pontiac Grand Am ETS ABS And Traction Off Lights
The ETS and check engine light are on the dash of my 1997 Pontiac Grand Am. I replaced both front hub bearings for the TRAC and ABS lights. Mechanics answer questions for free.

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