Right now i only have water in my radiator, there is a small leak i want to pin point
can i use (RIT)  fabric dye.  Will it hurt any thing??  Will it work? I know at O'reilly's they have a
small bottle of tracer it may be the same thing or it may have mercury in it and i may not want to
use that.
1996 ford ranger temperature falls when heat is turned on.
Use the dye from the parts store. It is made for
automotive use. Using anything else- who
knows what kind of reaction the coolant and
components will have.
my 91 Pontiac Bonneville the temp keep going up i put radar seal in it and that seal
now it make it backed up an it look oily.
I have a chevy suburban. It is leaking on left side facing forward. I understand it is
caused by an intake valve.  Never knew the cooling system had an intake valve.
What must I do????
Aluminum valve screws into the intake
manifold. Probably broke. Will need to remove,
maybe tap new threads, worst case- remove
manifold or maybe even replace if corrosion is
real bad.
I added one litre of windshield washer (methyl alcohol - minus 40C rating) to my
Dex-Cool antifreeze in error. Shall I replace the antifreeze or will it not cause any
I would absolutely change the coolant. Do a
system clean and flush with a kit from your
local parts store. Washer fluid is very
corrosive, and Dexcool has enough of its own
How do i get the air out of my cooling system?
Depending on the engine size, it can be
difficult. On the 3400 there is a bleeder screw
on the tube above the water pump and one on
the thermostat housing. Open those until it
starts coming out. 3800 has one only on the
thermostat housing.
I was replacing plug wires on a  model year 2000,land rover discovery 2. Removed the intake
plenum to do so, after doing so I now have an issue of a leak around my radiator jug cap, have
inspected the neck of the jug, replaced the cap, and the thermostat, tried a method for bleeding air
out of the system, in case that was the problem, the gauge always read correct, never reading
hot,blows cold air out of the vents in th car, with the heater on, what do you think.
If the heater is blowing cold air, and coolant is
leaking past the cap, then the engine is
overheating. The pressure is getting too high
for the cap to contain. Check for leaks, or a
possible head gasket problem.
2000 Oldsmobile integrity fan wont get no power connector.
Water fills over flow tank and over heats 1997 Oldsmobile Ciera
Where is the coolant temperature sensor located on a Buick
4.2 inline six?
If the low coolant light is on the dash, and it is
full, then you have a problem with the level
sensor. It is located in the bottom of the
reservoir tank.
I have a 2000 olds intrigue and am having problems with it overheating all the time. Mainly when
driving it other than that it can idle for hours and not even register at half on temp gage. I have
went through 2 reservoirs already because it has gotten so hot it has worn a whole in it because of
so much pressure build up. We have also bled the coolant system to get all air out and it seems to
still be getting air in it somewhere but does not have any visible leaks anywhere. We also changed
the water pump just in case it wasn't working right. We have flushed the system out probably over
3-4 times. Again, we are stumped and need some help/answers. Someone please help us. Thanks.
The key to your problem is the fact that you keep
getting air in the system.
This is a sign of a blown head gasket.
My 1998 Cadillac Deville overheats going up hills whats wrong
with it.
Check fuel pressure and the catalytic converter.
What the problem when the coolant fans and ac clutch will not work with engine and ac on.
Check fuses and relays. It depends on what type
of car you are talking about. Could be multiple
problems with your vehicle.
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Coolant Leaks On The 3400 And 3800 Engines
Why does my 2006 Chevy Impala 3.5 Engine No Heat
Had to add coolant. Especially when sitting at an idle. I checked the antifreeze, and it was low. I dont
see any leaks on the ground. I had a pressure check done, but they did not find anything. Can you
help, it is quite cold by me this time of year.

Replacing 3400 V6 Intake Manifold Gaskets
how to adjust valves, 3.4 v6, 1999.To replace intake gaskets what is the procedure for installing
correct length push rods in the right spot and
valve adjustment  after taking push rods out of way to
get gaskets. In I am former gm tech

Pictures of Common Areas of Dexcool Antifreeze Leaks on 31L and 3400 V6.

Oldsmobile Aurora Overheat, Radiator Coolant Fans Work
I pressure checked system at 15psi for 15 min. Held steady. Drove for a couple of days, and was
loosing coolant. Found the radiator tank cracked on left side. (funny pressure test didn't find this).
Replaced radiator and still runs at 250 and pukes a little coolant out of the overflow. Though when I
get done driving 20 miles home from work, and check fluid it is just low, not blowing out.

Code P0128 on My 2001 Oldsmobile
Service engine light on again, pulled codes and it said engine temp too low to regulate, and temp
gauge does not register. Replaced Coolant temp sensor ECT, no help. What could be the problem

How to Change Water Pump On Pontiac Grand Am
To remove the water pump, first, make sure engine is cool and no pressure in the system,  remove
the belt. Then hold the pump pulley tightly and remove the 4 10mm bolts...

Buick Lesabre 3800 V6 Coolant Leak
Won't crank to start. One day it started riding funny so i pulled over and turned the car off when i
lifted up the hood it was no water in it and there was no sign of leakage. I put Dexcool in it, but then it
wouldn't crank.
What to do if the coolant tank is leaking?
If it is just leaking, then replace it. If the system is
building too much pressure and boiling over, then
you need to fix why it is overheating.
is it hard to replace a coolant elbow on a 3800 6 cylinder.
You must remove the entire belt tensioner
bracket. The ones that are not broken, will now
get broken, so just replaced both / all of them.
The part that goes into the lower intake manifold
can be difficult to remove the broken part.
Sometimes you have to cut 3 slits in it to break it
away from inside.
GMC Envoy 4.2 L 6cyl replace the lower thermostat but the lower hose is warm but no hot the
upper hose is hot what dose that mean?