Buick Lesabre Leaking Coolant

1998 Buick /Lesabre 3800.
Question: my car never ran hot or gave me any problems one day it started riding funny so i pulled over and turned the car off when i lifted up the hood it was no water in it and there was no sign of leakage(water was in it a couple days prior).I put water in it, but then it wouldn't crank. Please tell me what could this possibly be??

Answer: The conditions you are describing are tell-tale signs that the "Upper intake manifold plenum" has failed internally. When this happens, coolant fills the lower intake manifold and cylinders. This causes what is called a hydrostatic lock and the engine won't crank over because coolant in the cylinders will not compress- thus the engine will not turn.

The upper plenum and gaskets will need to be replaced, as well as the spark plugs, and the cylinders will need to be cleaned out because leftover coolant will just foul out your new plugs.

buick lesabre

1992 Buick Lasabre.
The ECM was replaced and the car started and worked fine for one day and now it will not start. What causes the ECM to go bad and do you guys think that could be the problem with my Buick? The problem seems to be the ECM but what is causing the ECM to go bad?

Answer: The are a few things that can cause the computer to go bad. Usually a shorted solenoid. Low ohms in a solenoid can burn up a computer. There are several that control different emissions systems on your Buick. The problem is you would have to test each one with an ohm meter to see if it is shorted internally and then replace it.

The other possibility is a shorted wires. There is a large harness that goes down by the back of the alternator. Check that wiring harness for a shorted wire.

2002 Buick Lesabre cylinder head gasket replaced. Changed thermostat to 160 degree style. What is the temperature reading on the gauge. My reads past half. maybe 1/8 past half. Is that normal?

A little past half at an extended idle in hot weather is normal for a tempurature gauge. If it goes that far all the time and does drop, then go back up, then you have a problem. If it is always about there, then this is not something to worry about. Could have slight restriction in radiator. A flush could take care of that along with blowing compressed air through the fins to clean out dirt.

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