A Few Front And Rear Brake Questions

How to Replace Rear Brake Pads Calipers Rotors
I'm getting ready to replace the rear pads on my 2005 Chevrolet Malibu and have the rotors turned. Are there any hints or specifically needed special tools to remove the rear pads?

2007 Chevy Monte Carlo Clunk Noise
I have a clunking noise in the steering and brakes of my 2007 Monte Carlo. It clunks when i turn and when i stop and hit the gas. When i stop or hit the gas and turn at the same time it also does it.

How to Inspect and Replace Front Brake Pads and Rotors

Inspecting Rear Drum Brakes and Shoes

Silverado Rear Brakes Drag After Replacement
I changed the rear pads and rotors, now the rear will not release and drag causing them to heat up and wear out. Front brakes are fine.

How to Replace Brakes on 1998 Saturn
My front rotors are worn out. Can you tell me how to fix them myself. How much to have a mechanic shop repair my car.

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Question: No brakes or power steering.
 Answer: Since you did not tell us what typer of car or truck this is, I will assume it a truck or van with the Hydro boost system. It uses the power steering pump to power the brake booster and steering. Most likely the shaft in the steering pump broke causing no pressure.

Brake pedal went to floor bake light came on with I P at the top, What is wrong.
 You have either lost brake pressure because of a bad master cylinder, or the fluid got too low caused by a leak.

How do i remove the front brake shoes on my 1996 Buick Lesabre. And where is the master cylinder.
 The front brakes do not have shoes, it has pads. Remove the caliper and replace them. The master cylinder is on the firewall under the hood.

My chevy 1500 has breaks but driver side caliber gets hot and will not release properly whats my problem?
 Most mechanics make the mistake of replacing the caliper without checking it thoroughly. But many times it is a bad brake hose at the caliper. They get deteriorated inside and do not release the pressure.

Impala 2005 when you break car will not stop you have to push break petal all the way down to floor and sometimes it still won't stop and you have to pump the break to make it stop. Could you give me any advice on what might be wrong.
 Sounds like maybe the master cylinder is bad, or the fluid is low and there is air in the system.

No brake fluid is coming out of my passenger side and driver side can not bleed them. 1999 dodge caravan.
 You could have a bad master cylinder. If a seal inside went bad, this would cause not pressure.

How to replace brake shoes on a buick lesaber 1999 3.8?
 Do one side at a time. Remove the retainers from each shoe, release adjuster, pull of shoes, remove emergency brake cable and re-install.

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