have a 2001 4x4 5.3 1/2 ton truck when i make turns only hesitates going after turn.
Should you use a used low-speed sensor in a 1991 Plymouth Voyager 3.3
If you are sure it is an engine hesitation, pull on the
harnesses under the hood to see if you can get it to act
up. May be a loose connection somewhere. May also be
carbon in the throttle. Suggest a cleaning.
Whenever possible, use a NEW part. Especially with an
electrical sensor.
I need to get another transmission for my 2000 LeSabre and I cannot determine
which of the four my car has in it.  How can I find out.
I have a 99 Chevy Monte Carlo 3.1V6 I'm getting a P1860 error code! Where exactly
is the TCC PWM Solenoid located?
The TCC solenoid is located in the side cover of the
trans. along with the other shift solenoids. Big job to get
to. Support engine and trans with fixtures, lower the left
side of the frame, disconnect th steering rack, etc. Then
lower the engine / trans. low enough to get cover off.
What is code po752.
P0752 is a problem with the 1 - 2 shift solenoid valve.
2003 Alero where is the shift solenoid ?
There are several shift control solenoids in the
transmission. They are located behind the side cover, on
the valve body.
I have a 99 Chevy Silverado that when i accelerate it hesitates  rpms go up but does not shift
into passing gear  what would cause this
If the RPM's go up and hesitates, this is usually caused
by an ignition system problem. Check spark plugs, plug
wires, cap and rotor.
Oldsmobile Intrigue shifts smoothly until the engine reaches operating temperature.  Then
it hesitates between gears.  Also, was working fine until I had my AC repaired.  They had to
remove the dash and console to fix it.  The trouble started after the repair of the AC.
That repair would have nothing to do with the way the
trans shifts. I would suspect the trans is failing and needs
to be removed and repaired or replaced.
First try using some trans shift lubricant you can pick up at any automotive store. See if that
stops the problem before paying $$$$ to AAMCO.
I have a 1999 Mercury Sable.  I need a modular for a transmission,I need a estimation on cost.
I have a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire, I hit a bump in the road next thing i know my car doesn't go out of
first gear.  I have codes p0753 po758 P1860.  I didn't notice a leak or any other visible issues.
Those are all transmission codes. You could have
possibly jarred something loose, such as the connector
at the transmission, or broke some of the wiring. It's
possible that when you hit the bump you have also
broken something inside the transmission. Either way, it
would need to be looked at by a technician.
That depends on what type of vehicle and what type of
transmission. But, in general, start with adding 4 quarts
and re-check when engine is idling and hot.
How many quarts of transmission fluid do i need if i am changing my filter.
Where is the transmission solenoid for 98 Buick Riviera sc 3800 located.
Transmission solenoids are located in the valvebody of
the trans. That is behind the side cover.
I have a 2002 Ford Windstar,  It runs great but this has happened to me a few times only once a
month for about 6 months now.  I will be at a stop light for about a minute or 2 then go to hit the
gas then nothing, I put it in park and then in drive again and it's fine.  Do you think this is
serious?  It only happens after being stopped for a few minutes...Do you know what it might be?   
1997 Chevy Monte Carlo 3.1L sometimes wont go in any gear sometimes will disengage at stop
can feel a shift but no torque untill i rev up (Servo?).
Sounds like a valve body problem inside the transmission.
I hit a bump while driving out of a parking lot.  About a half mile down the road my traction light
came then my car started pulling. Got to a red light and it stalled was pushed into another
parking lot.  i saw fluid on the ground(dark) .Will not go into D or R.
Check for damage to the transmission pan ans see if that
is what is leaking. Also check for damage to speed
sensor wiring at the bottom of the control arms.
i have a 1994 ford escort. High miles. Don't know if it has had transmission work. If i hold the
accelerator down about an inch starting off it shifts hard enough to feel the pull. Other wise
seems ok. Can feel last gear too. Is this normal or is problems coming? Just bought the car. The
harder you push it the stronger the grab.
This is called a harsh shift, or firm shift. Depending on
how bad it is, it is a sign of the transmission failing or
possibly just a bad vacuum modulator. A mechanic would
need to check that to be sure.
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Transmission Questions And Answers
1997 Chevy Venture Van Transmission code P1870
Was clunking on accelerated left turn but topped up tranny fluid and it quit...seems to shift normally.
Please advise what a code 1870 may be...van seems to be running and shifting properly..check engine
light is on.

Trans Won't Go Forward But will Reverse
When I put the transmission it into Reverse it drives normally, but when I shift it into Drive and I press on
the accelerator, the engine idles faster but the car has a harder time driving and starts moving slowly and
then picks up speed. While I keep my foot on the gas and I switch from Drive to 3, I feel slightly more
power, and when I move the selector gear from 3 to 2 or 1, the car starts moving.

2004 Malibu Checking Transmission Fluid
leaking & when i remove the cap to check has no dip stick should i be able to see fluid through the
opening when hot. I but 2  quarts in but still don't see fluid.

GMC Trans Shutters
Transmission shudders going from reverse to drive when cold. After it warms up some it doesn't do it as
bad if at all. It has started to slip in reverse and forward gears, usually at slower speeds, around corners
or starting uphill. It was starting to act up prior to a filter and fluid change about 3,000 miles ago.

Pontiac Pressure Control Solenoid Location
Where is the transmission control solenoid located on the transmission?

SES Codes p0753 p0740
I need to know what these codes mean and what should I expect to pay to get the van fixed? Can I drive
it? What will happen if I did? Please advise.

Oldsmobile P1811 Transmission Component Slipping
slipping when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear.O.K. After warms
up. I took it to a transmission dealer and the code was P1811. They said they would have to do a software
rebuild clutches and whatever else. Will tis take care of the problem? NO check engine lite came on ever.

Chevy Blazer Transmission Problems
Had the trans replaced on my Blazer but it still only has first and second gear. Mechanic said a fuse is
blowing for the shift solenoids.
i have a 1996 Nissan Pathfinder that i bought used. The transmission was working perfect until i
drove it for about an hour non stop and now the o/d light flashes 16 times when i turn the ignition
on and the check engine light has come on. When i try to drive it, it will go into second gear and
will not come back out
A flashing overdrive light on your Nissan means that
there is an internal problem in the transmission. That is
confirmed by the way it is shifting. You need to have the
computer scanned for codes. The problem may be as
simple as a shift solenoid, or more expensive like
needing to be removed and hard parts replaced.
jacob said:
I have a 5 speed truck that wont go into 4th gear and would like to know why. Maybe someone could help me out. All the other gears work. its a 94
chevy Cheyenne 4x4,v8 5.7 liter. i love my truck but mite have to part with it. Please help if you can. Thanks

Mech55 said:
@jacob, There is nothing externally or electronically that can prevent the transmission form going into 4th gear. You have an internal problem. It is
going to need to be removed and repaired, or replaced.

jwaggoner said:
98 z71 5.7 driving w cruise on and the engines rpm went up but lost all gears..

Stosh said:
Reply @jwaggonersr@yahoo.com, Any time the engine RPM goes way up but lost all gears, this is an internal transmission problem. You need to get
the trans checked out.