How To Replace Front Brakes

1- Front brake caliper
2- Outer brake pad
3- Rotor

Typical front wheel drive brake caliper, pads and rotor

To remove the brake pads, first remove caliper. Using a wrench, remove lower caliper mounting bolt and swing caliper upward. (next pic)

Removing front brake caliper

1- Caliper piston
2- Rotor
3- Inner pad
4- Outer pad
If not re-surfacing rotors, replace pads now.

How to replace front brake pads
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Compress caliper piston using an old pad between the piston and channel lock pliers. Or you can use a large c-clamp instead a channel lock pliers.

Depress brake caliper piston to remove caliper and brake pads

Caliper bracket removed when re-surfacing rotors. Old pads on bracket.

Worn front brake pads

New pads installed on caliper bracket. You can also install pads after bracket is re-installed.

New pads installed into caliper bracket

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