P0300 Engine Misfire Common Causes

A common reason for check engine light code P3000 misfires, hesitation, and stumble is a corroded ignition coil and/or spark plug wire. This example is from a 3.1L, 3.4L and 3.8L engine.

This is what the coil towers should look like.

A good ignition coil makes engine run smooth and no hesitation
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Corrosion on this ignition coil and spark plug wire will cause misfires under hard acceleration, or when cruising at a steady speed (45-65 mph) then accelerating to pass. Engine will also misfire at idle on wet, damp mornings. Causes a check engine light code p0300.

Corroded ignition coil and spark plug wire causes misfire code p0300

What can cause my coil to not have any fire after i replaced the engine.
 Well that depends on the car and engine. Changing the engine would have nothing to do with it unless you did not, or hooked something up incorrectly.

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