A good GM ignition coil makes engine run smooth and no hesitation.
This is what the coil towers should look like.
A common reason for misfires, hesitation, and  
stumble is a corroded ignition coil and/or plug wire.
This example is from a 3.1 / 3.4 litre engine.

1- Burned / corroded coil tower
2- Burned / corroded plug wire

This can cause misfires under hard acceleration, or  
when cruising at a steady speed (45-65 mph) then  
accelerating to pass. Also will misfire at idle on wet,  
damp mornings. Causes a
code p0300.
Corroded GM engine ignition coil and spark plug wire causes misfire code p0300
what can cause my coil to not have any fire after i replaced the engine.
Well that depends on the car and engine. Changing the
engine would have nothing to do with it unless you did
not, or hooked something up incorrectly.
GMC Savana 2500 2006 van misfire and shutdown. The code come up P0300.
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P0300 Engine Misfire Common Causes