Cadillac ABS And Transmission Codes

2002 Cadillac Deville 32 valve Northstar ABS and brake and traction control lights are on my mom said she was on the freeway and just out of the clear blue the lights came on and ever since have not went off what can i do to get these lights to go off cause she dont have no money to take into have all these things done.

Warning lights = ABS brake and traction control. I put code reader to it and it pass them all. Repairs for this problem: New brake pads and put more brake fluid in the holder for fluid cause it was low and hooked my code reader to it and it says it passed all codes.

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A basic code reader will not usually check ABS codes, just engine codes, so you are probably not able to access the information from the ABS system. If the lights are coming on the dash, it will definitely have set a trouble code. Most probable causes are a bad wheel speed sensor, which is part of the hub bearing, or a cut or corroded wire somewhere in the ABS harness. If there is a faulty pump motor or modulation valve, it is going to be a very expensive repair. The only way to get the lights to turn off on the dash is to fix the problem that is causing them. There is no way to just switch them off.

1996 Cadillac Deville 4.6 L V8. Warning lights = Service soon. Transmission codes P0741, P1660, P1406. This is a nice well kept car but on a recent trip, lights came on including service transmission soon across the center. I turned around and returned home after 49 minutes in. Just got the codes from a Autozone center. Common on all three reads is open or short circuit possible. Also air conditioner not blowing cold since. I enjoy fixing myself so any help is GREATLY appreciated.

Code P0741 is for the torque clutch (TCC) stuck off. There is a bulletin for this. Probable problem in the valve body of the transmission. Either worn seals or groove on the drive sprocket, or the trans is slipping and needs to be overhauled. Either way the trans. needs to come out of the car.

Code P1660 is a cooling fan circuit problem. Check fuses. Check for power and ground at fan(s). Fans not working may be the cause of the A/C not blowing cold.

P1406 is an EGR pintle position problem. Probably a stuck valve from carbon buildup, or faulty EGR Valve.

2003 Cadillac Deville 4.6l Northstar. Computer codes = scan tool wont connect. Ground wire broke and shorted everything out Nothing on the doors work. It has a remote car stater. When I go to turn it over it only clicks. I've tried the relearn process on for 10 min off for 5 sec three times. Checked fuses. Brand new battery. Wondering if there's a way to check if my PCM is good with out going to dealer if not can I go to a chevy dealer?

You can take your Cadillac to any GM dealer or brand that you prefer, doesn't have to be just a Cadillac dealer. As for your problem, if there is a clicking noise when you try to start the car, you most likely do not have a theft problem. You probably have a bad starter. There is no way for you to check the PCM to see if it is good, unless you have a proper scanner, and not one that just pulls codes. With nothing working on the doors, and your ground wire short problem, you could have fried some wiring, or a door module or other module on the car.

There is a fuse box located under your back seat, if you did not know about that already, I would check those fuses too, as well as under the hood. Could be something simple, but would need more checking into.

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