Chevy Impala Traction Light And Grinding Noise

I've been hearing a vibrating sound or grinding sound when i first push the gas pedal. It used to happen every once in a while and now its doing it more often. A couple of weeks ago i pushed the gas and the grinding sound came on, then the service traction system light stayed on. The light isn't on every time i start my car. It does the sound only when i step on the gas and the light doesn't come on all the time either.

My question is why or what is making that sound and causing my service traction light to come on? Oh and when the service traction light is on, my abs light comes on also. 2003 Chevy Impala. Dash lights = service traction.

My 2005 Chevy Impala service traction light is on and as I'm driving it makes this noise that sounds almost like I'm driving in the air or motor cycle sounds.

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You probably have a bad hub bearing and/or wheel speed sensor. When the service traction light is on, usually the ABS light is on as well. Either way, there will be a trouble code stored in the electronic brake control module. If the noise is like a growling or rumbling sound, or a metallic type noise, you have one or more hub bearings that are bad. The wheel speed sensors for each wheel attach and are part of the hub bearing assembly.

You would need to take the car to a shop that can scan the computer and see what codes are set to aid in diagnosis. Also, sometimes the wiring harness to the speed sensors either breaks or gets rubbed through and that can set the service traction light on too.

Ok thanks. If i wait to long to service this what can happen?
 If it is a hub bearing noisy, and you wait too long, you risk having the bearing break apart. This can cause the wheel to fall of. This is rare, but I do not know how loud it is without hearing for myself.

Is there away to test the ABS speed sensors?
 There are to ways to test them. Using a Digital meter, test the terminals for resistance. Should be about 900-1400 ohms. Also, you can put your meter on AC volts and spin the wheel and look for the reading to change.

I have the same problem with my chevy impala it a 2003,I HAVE Replace hubs, brake pads, disk, and still have the same problem. SOMEBODY OUT THERE HELP ME. I have scan the car and cant solve the problem.
 If you can scan the codes and they are for one of the front wheel speed sensors, the hubs did not fix it, then you need to check the harnesses going to each sensor.

I have a20 05 Chevrolet Impala my abs n traction off light is on just change the wheel hub bearing and nothing any suggestions.
  If you know which one the light is on for, and the hub did not fix it, most likely there is a broken wire in the small harness near the hub connector. You will have to carefully cut the insulation and pull on the 2 wire to find the one that is broken.

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