2003 Buick Lesabre ABS Code C1214

ABS problem with my 2003 Buick Lesabre. ABS / Traction. GM Computer codes C1214.

Question = ABS and traction lights came on the dash as leaving house where car had been parked for several days. Checked owners manual then scanned Internet for more info. Found your site with the ABS codes, but we were unable to find a parts store that could read the code. Took the car to the dealer who read the code in the brakes computer as C1214.

Your site gives the definition of "Brake Control Relay Contact Circuit Open", which doesn't sound that bad. The dealer says the EBCM (Electronic Brake Control Module) has to be replaced for about $1100. We just wanted to know if this repair is consistent with the code, given the high cost. Thank your mechanics for your advice.

buick lesabre

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Hello and welcome. A service bulletin search came up with no related results for your Buick Lesabre.
Yes, this ABS code C1214 description does sound fairly harmless. A relay is usually a very inexpensive part to replace. The problem is that the system relay is integral to the EBC (Electronic Brake Control Module).

The diagnostic chart for this code is pretty straight forward. A couple of function tests with the scanner, and a few resistance checks with the volt / ohm meter. The EBCM is usually the cause and would need to be replaced. They cannot be repaired. The cost at the dealer is consistent with this repair. Another option is to get a rebuilt part installed at a non-dealer shop if cost is an issue.

Programming of an EBCM is required if replacing with a unit that was not the original to the car. This would need to be done with a dealer scanner tool.

Replacement of the unit is a little tricky. It is located on top of the frame rail where the front and left ( driver side ) come together. It is bolted to the ABS valve assembly. Removal of the left side inner fender shield, and some TORX sockets are needed. Because of it's location, the bolts are usually rusted tight. I think my website will let me send you some pics of its location and removal procedures if this is something your hubby would like to tackle in your garage.

Again, a little tricky, even for a guy who does this for a living.

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