1997 Pontiac Grand Am. The ETS light and the check engine lights are on.
Question: what can i do and can tell me if its a senor and where is it.

The check engine light can come on for many, many different reasons. Step one is to have the
codes scanned. This can be done for free at most large national parts store chains.

The ETS light is on most likely because the check engine light is on. Many codes that turn on the
check engine, also disable ETS.

2001 Pontiac Grand Prix ABS and Trac off Lights sometimes.
Transmission code was on and speed sensor light. Change both front hubs.
Ok here goes. My car ran fantastic for a long time. It hit about 60000 miles. I noticed some growling
from the car. Happens when i turn corners or inclined driveways sometimes out of nowhere. Shakes
steering column. Why does Sometimes it kicks on my abs light and trac off light.

Also, and maybe tied with in previous condition list earlier. When vehicle is warm it shifts hard. I took
it to a mechanic in my town and he said i had three codes. One transmission code and one code for
my hub assemblies needing replaced. I dont remember what the other code was. I did however go
to auto zone and they tested my car and no codes came up. What do you think could be the issue
of these problems. Sorry to add on but I did change both wheel hub assemblies.

The codes on your
Pontiac are really the key. The trans code are not hub related. If no codes came
up at Autozone, then i would suspect the local mechanic cleared the codes,and one or more just
have not returned yet, even though the shifting problem. If you can find out what the code numbers
were- maybe on mechanics receipt, then i could give some advice.

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Pontiac Trac And ABS Lights- Changed Hub Bearings