Some Brake Light Problems On Cars And Trucks

What is This Warning Light on Dash of My 2001 Chevrolet Venture
getting a warning light / symbol that isn't in any of my manuals. Its a red circle with a "wave" across it - the warning indicator in below...

Brake Lights Flash Flicker, Wont Start
Problem with the brake lights on my Chevy Cavalier.

No Dash Brake Turn Signal or Tail Lights on my 2005 Chevy
I wonder, but have done nothing about it, but what the photo cell on the dash has gone bad. I can't find a way to turn off the DLR or...

My 1999 Pontiac Brakes ABS light
Replaced front brake pads and rotors. Just wondering what would be the likely cause to make the ABS light come on right after replacing...

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2002 Pontiac Montana Brake Lights Flicker
My tail,turn,brake light do not work. The fuses and bulbs are all good. When I hit the brakes shifter,and turn indicator lights go dim. Please help me.

Why Does My Venture Van 2001 Brake Light not Work
Driver side turn signal works fine when the brake is NOT applied. As soon as brake is applied, turn signal flashes very fast. Also related, when cruise control is on and as soon as you turn on the driver side turn signal it turns the cruise control off.

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