Chevy Impala Dash And Tail lights Went Out

Dash light went out and tail lights went out at same time. I have brake lights and turn signals. I can't find a fuse for either. Any Suggestions? I wonder, but have done nothing about it, but what the photo cell on the dash has gone bad. I can't find a way to turn off the DLR or parade dimming. Any suggestions? 2005 Chevrolet Impala.

If referring to the back-lighting of the dash, these and the taillights are two different circuits. Although they have a few things in common.

First check the fuse labeled 'rear park lp' in the passenger side fuse block. This is behind the access panel on the side of the dash with the door open. The 'park lp relay' feeds this fuse, and also the front park lamp fuse, so this does not seem to be the problem. The relay is controlled by the body control Module (BCM).

The dash backlighting is also controlled by the BCM, from an input from the headlamp switch dimmer. Also check the 'str col' fuse in the left side fuse block. As you can see, these are pretty complicated circuits. Check all fuses to play it safe. My experience and my gut tell me the most probable cause for these problems is the headlamp / dimmer switch. This is a common part in these circuits, and have replaced several over the years.

Without getting into a lot of test light and volt meter tests, you can pull the switch out and look for a burned connector on the back of the switch, or even see if the switch smells like burned electrical smell.

Chevy Impala

Day time running lights and headlights are not working. Dash lights not working, dome light not working. Parking lights are working. Brake lights are working intermittent, must have a turn signal on for them to work. What part needs to be replaced or where is the most likely sight of a wire short. 1999 Chevrolet Lumina.

You have multiple problems causing different lights to not work. Your brake light problem would be solved by replacing the turn signal switch in the steering column. Having to have a signal on for the brake lights to work is a dead giveaway. See this many times, and have replaced many t/s switches for this problem.

As far as the headlights and daytime running lights, make sure all the fuses are good, there are about 4 fuses for the lighting system. Also there is a headlamp switch circuit breaker that could be bad. If none of those check out, I would go with a Daytime Running Light Control Module. It is located under the dash. That might fix the dash lights as well, but if not, I'd look for a blown fuse for that too. Usually the CTSY fuse, short for 'courtesy', is for the dome lamp and dash lights.

where is the headlight relay located on a 2000 Chevy Impala.

Answer: The headlamp relay for your Impala is located in the left hand fuse block in the dash. If you open the driver's door, you will see a panel on the side of the dash that is labeled 'fuses'. Pull this cover off and you will have access to the relays and fuses in the fuse block. There will be a diagram on the inside of the panel to tell you where each one is located.

Electrical problems,all lights on in daytime,no interior lights battery rundown relay clicking so much kills battery. Pull 10 amp fuse on bcm fixes lights for a while. Where is body control module and what does it do.

Answer: This does sound like a bad BCM. It is located under the drivers side of the dash, just behind the emergency brake, up along the firewall. If you replace it, it will need to be programmed to you vehicle. Programming sets vehicle option and theft / security data.

All of you check the dimmer switch connector, located at the tilt wheel mechanism, which will, over time break the wires off at the spade terminals. This caused a short and the loss of several lighting circuits on my 97 Silverado. REMEMBER: DO NOT PLACE YOUR HEAD IN FRONT OF THE AIRBAG IN THE STEERING WHEEL WHILE YOU ARE WORKING ON THIS, JUST IN CASE! You'll have to remove the covers around the top of the steering column (screws are underneath), dimmer switch lever will kind of fall out of position, so observe how it goes back together so your wiper/washer control is free to operate. Move tilt up and down and look at the wires on the top,left (looking from driver's seat)check for cracking or frayed wires, green corrosion or burnt insulation.

Then pull the headlight switch and look for burnt insulation. (remove the screws holding the lower dash cover, pop it loose, then pop loose the instrument panel trim which holds the headlight switch, which pops loose from that panel.) Take a short jumper from the hot (this wire will be heavier gauge than the rest, terminal 'C' on my truck- they are lettered a,b,c, etc.) From the hot you can check that you have taillights, dash/courtesy lights, headlights, etc. By touching the other terminals, noting the result. If you get a large spark, the wire glows, and your fingers get burned, you have found a short. Find out what that circuit is and fix it before you go and spend $43 on a switch from Autozone, or, God for bid, $142 from a dealer.

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