I have a 1999 Oldsmobile bravada. I have replaced the lower ball joints, tie-rod ends
on both sides, rotor on passenger side, wheel cylinder on passenger side, and front
brakes. The ABS light was on before i changed the wheel cylinder and it went off. It
had stayed off and worked fine for about 3 weeks or so. Today it came on again.
When i put the brake on it seems like it is not catching anything it makes a weird
sound like a spring. i have bleed the brakes and checked the master cylinder which
is fine it is only a few months old. I have put so much money into this truck!! Please
help me figure out what might be wrong.
Sounds like a bad ABS wheel speed sensor, or the wiring
to one of the sensors. The front sensors are most
common, but a scan of the computer for codes would
give an indication as to what part of the system is having
a problem.
my Grand Am super charger 3.8 just shuts off when I'm driving it and take about 20
minutes to start back up when it turns off what could it be?
Check your crank sensor. It's a lot of work for a sensor but it pays off.
I just got brakes replaced rotors and housing unit. Now while accelerating at about 20
Mph the car jumps. What could be the problem. Thank you.
Going to need a little more description of your problem.
1999 Pontiac Grand Am ABS light comes on intermittently when driving car.
Repairs done prior = Replaced front brake pads and rotors.

Question: Just wondering what would be the likely cause to make the ABS light come on right after
replacing the front pads and rotors. Is the sensor on the caliper very sensitive and easily
damaged when replacing pads?

Any information would be helpful. Have replaced many brakes and never ran into this problem.

The sensors are part of the hub, and are not that sensitive, unless you had to really hammer on the
rotors to get them off. Speed sensors fail as any other component can fail.

You may also want to check the harness from the back of the sensor to the body. Pull off plastic
cover, they have been known to have the wires break inside the insulation.

Just give a tug on each of the two wires at the connector and up the harness and look to see if the
wire is stretching. To be sure it is a front sensor problem, you will need to have the system scanned
ABS codes.
ABS basic operation.

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1999 Pontiac Grand Am ABS Light After Pads And Rotors Replaced