Pontiac Grand Am Questions- Page 2

1997 ETS and Check Engine Light on
The check engine light can come on for many, many different reasons. Step one is to have the codes scanned. This can be done for free at most large...

Grand Am Codes P0300, P0335, P0108
after timing belt replaced and water pump and spark plugs it ran fine for about 2 to 3 mounds and now after i start it the idle goes up an down and when i step on gas it wants to die...

2002 Grand Am SES p0300 p0404. EGR Catalytic Converter PCM
The thing surges,sputters, and just flat runs bad. Has no power to pull itself up hills. If I drive it like there's an egg under the gas pedal, I can run 80 mph on flat ground easily. Start up a grade......

1999 Pontiac Radio DIC and A/C Lights Air blows warm
A/C L.E.D is flashing very fast in the morning but when I leave work it is out completely. Suspect a bad module or two but I have no idea where they are or if that is even the problem......

Transmission Problem on My 2001 Grand Am
Car will drive in 1st and then shift to 2nd but that's it! Reverse is good to. Don't have a scanner and was wondering if there's anything I can just replace?... 



Transmission Makes Whine Noise 1999 Grand Am
First, be sure to check the fluid level. Low fluid will cause this whine noise and shifting problems. To check fluid level on this transmission, you must go under the car, remove...

My 2001 Grand Am has a Misfire
The car intermittently misses under normal driving conditions every once in a while. Changing the spark plugs makes it go away but a day or so later...

1993 V6 Overheating After Replacing Parts
replaced everything that i could think of and it is still over heating. I am running water in it now and it is still doing it. If you drive on flat land it will not overheat it stays at about 175 if you pull a hill it will overheat.

Blower Motor Resistor Location
Where is the blower fan resistor in my Pontiac. A few of the speeds don't work and i need a picture to replace it.

Car Sputters And Stalls Out
Ok so my 1999 Grand Am just died As i was driving home it started to purr really loud and shake, then i noticed that the brakes weren't working as well as they were and i couldn't push them down as far. Next i noticed that when I didn't push the gas the head lights would dim and then go bright again. 

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