Pontiac Grand Prix P0410- Idle Goes Up And Down

1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE 3.4L automatic. We replaced new starter and battery. Added a quart of tranny fluid thinking it was low..checked wiring connections at tranny. Question = my daughter going to school 75 mph on freeway..everything normal..engine started surging on it's own..she came to her exit and had to stop to turn. From then on transmission making a whining noise in neutral and park..

quiets down when put in drive but then whines again..first and second gear smooth but will not go to third..reverse good..she says it was starting to whine a few days prior to this..news to me..so basically it makes noise and won't shift past second gear..does this sound terminal or fixable??? Might have to get another tranny? Thanks for any ideas.

pontiac grand am

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First, be sure to check the fluid level. Low fluid will cause this whine noise and shifting problems. To check fluid level on this transmission, you must go under the car, remove a plug with hot engine running, fluid level up to the threads of the plug. This is how to check fluid level on this trans, since there is no dipstick. A little difficult to do. One of GM's bad ideas !

The surging may have been falling in and out of gear- either overdrive or TCC lockup. This is easily mistaken as an engine problem. If you like, i could sent exact steps to do this with a pic. But better left to a shop. If it is low, they will then need to look at the fluid condition and a leak. If level is fine, then it is an internal failure. Possible direct clutch piston failed.

If it were to be an electrical failure internal or external, there would be other electrical problems with the car, and definitely a check engine light on.

2002 Pontiac Grand AM 2.2 Ecotech. Dash lights = trac off. Changed brakes. Question = i would donate but am not working at this time, i have located the fuel filter but can not get it off. Is there a video for this to watch

No videos I am aware of. If has a steel pipe and nut on one end, and this is rusted, then try WD-40. Soak it, and tap a few times with a hammer. Also use vise-grips can help deform the nut, and break free any rust.

If the plastic disconnect is the problem, you either need a special release tool, or you may have the type that needs to sort of flip open the colored lock, and then push both ends through the pipe equally. Can be a little tricky.

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