1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT.
Question = Initially the L.E.D went out on my radio but it still works,Then the Driver information
center stopped working, now my dual climate A/C L.E.Dis flashing very fast in the morning but when
I leave work it is out completely. Suspect a bad module or two but I have no idea where they are or if
that is even the problem. HELP, all kinds of electrical issues with this car.

Hello and welcome. The radio light being out may be a faulty radio, but with the other items having
problems, they may all be related. Try moving the interior light dimming switch from low to full very
quickly and several times. You may have a headlight / interior light dimmer switch problem. Also, be
sure to check all fuses.

Another possibility is a faulty ignition switch. The ignition switch supplies power to many of the cars
systems. This would not explain the radio problem, but it may explain the other 2 conditions. Cycling
the ignition several times quickly back and forth can sometimes indicate a faulty ignition switch.

1997 ETS and Check Engine Light on. What Sensor.

The check engine light can come on for many, many different reasons. Step one is to have the
codes scanned. This can be done for free at most large.

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1999 Pontiac Grand Prix Driver Info Center Goes Out

2000 Pontiac Grand am 3.400 litre.
Question: Where on the motor would I find the a/c gauge with the blue cap. I found a black cap and
a green cap .

Any A/C system has only 2 service fittings- high side and low pressure side. The high side is
usually red or black, the low side is blue.I think the cap you are looking at that is green is for the
EVAP system service port.

That is used to diagnose the evaporative emissions system if there is a leak. The low side A/C
fitting is on a line either near the radiator on the passenger side, or near the firewall where the
lines go into the evaporator core. It can also be near the upper engine mount on the right side of
the car.