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1999 Grand Am 6 Cylinder Overheats
My Grand Am is overheating. It only begins to overheat if
you drive it as long as it sits it won't overheat. The leakage is coming out of the overflow hose. The large
black hose on the drivers side under the hood is hot but I can also squeeze that hose. I was told...
Pontiac Transport 1998 Transmission Falls Out of Gear
The transmission sometimes comes out of gear while stopped
at a traffic light or stop sign. It is very random. It may not happen for several days or weeks and
sometimes it can happen twice in one day. When the problem occurs...
No Air From A/C Vents on My 1998 Grand Prix
The heating and the a/c and as well as the defrost just
stopped working last week and it is not blowing any air at all what could
this be its getting cold and i cant have my...
Pontiac Bonneville 3800 V6 Not Shifting Good
f I put the car in low gear it will still shift to 2&3 just as if I put it in drive.
When the car is at normal temp. And I am on the highway going 50 or 55 the car will clunk...
1997 Pontiac Transport Transmission P0740 P0753 Shift and TCC Solenoids
I know the codes p0753 p0740 what should I expect to pay to get the van fixed? Can I drive
it? What will happen if I did? Please advise!
1998 Bonneville Wont Crank or Start
I have a 98 pontiac Bonneville SE 3800.  When i try to start my car it will not crank and the
security light is flashing...
Why Does My 2002 Pontiac Grand Am Blower Stay On
The blower motor comes on while the engine is off every hour or so. Runs for about 10
seconds. Never causes a low battery situation. Doesn't seem to be normal, but I guess it could
be to prevent a/c odor...
Replaced SIR Airbag, Clockspring, and Module on 2007 G6.
I have been told that when the airbag module was replace it has to be insync with other modules.
It was reset to factory specs...
How to Make a Power Sliding Door Manual on 2003 Montana
Have a 03 Montana van with dual sliders left side caught fire due  to short i think any way would like to
make this a manual door so it will open  again any tips would be greatly appreciated...
Trans Am 5.7l 2002 Service Engine Light Flashing
I just started the Car and started to drive when the service  engine light came  on and started flashing. The
car starts to shake in first  gear and...
1998 Pontiac Transport Misfire and Starts off in 2nd Gear
I have replaced all of these items on my van the only thing that was wrong with it we thought we fixed
now it is missing it only has two gears 2nd and 3rd it won't go into drive or...
Transmission makes Whine Noise. How to Check Fluid on 1999 Grand AM
75 mph on freeway..everything  normal..engine started surging on it's own..she came to her
exit and had to stop to turn. From then on transmission making a whining noise in neutral and  
park..quiets down when put in drive but...
P0108 on 2001 Grand Prix GT 3800 Very High Vacuum
I just replaced my  upper intake manifold due to warping causing a coolant leak.  After putting  
everything back together I have a problem with the vacuum system.  At idle when I take off the oil cap
there is way to much suction...
My 2005 Pontiac GP 3800 Engine Dies Out
About a month ago the engine shut off while I was driving down the   road. It started right up after I
pulled over to the side and stopped. A few days  later, it wouldn't start at all. The mechanics said it
was a bad battery. They  replaced it, but a few days later...
Repeat code p0420 on my 2002 PONT Grand Prix 3800
Transmission Codes and SES Light on Grand AM
I was having problems with my ac clutch making noise, was trying to diagnose if it was the clutch,
read on the Internet you could jump 2 wires to engage the clutch, i believe i jumped the wrong
wires, the wires were located under the "high" pressure side ac line, when i jumped the wires the
No Power Steering and ABS, Service Stability System Warning 2007 Torrent
My Torrent has no power steering. It is very stiff. The service stability light is on. Check  engine warning
on dash. Many other indicators on as well. This all started after we had to jump start  the battery
because my son left the key on...
2002 3800 V6 Codes P0300 Misfire and P0410 Secondary Air Injection
My car has no power when I push the gas it takes a long time to pick up speed and the car shutters a lot.  
Then when I go about 25mph it won't shift out of first unless I let go of gas and push the gas again.  But
after it shifts it had the same issue no power and a lot of shaking.  Some people say it's the tranny but the
codes it gives me are p0300...
Check Engine Light Code P0300 on 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix 3800 V6
My 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix has a check engine light on. It also hesitates a little  bit. Had the codes
scanned and came back with P0300 misfire intermittent on a few different  cylinders. We did a tune up
but did not...
My 1999 Pontiac Sunfire Front Suspension Problem
Drive a 99 sunfire and had it in the air and asked the question, does this model not come
equipped with a front stabilizer bar...
SES Light Come on Dash My 2006 Pontiac G6 3500
I was driving in traffic today and my check engine light came on. My car kicks    back quite a bit but not all of
the time. There were no symptoms leading up to this and the   car has not acted up since the...
1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP A/C Vents Blow Warm
With the AC on one Rt. upper dash vent is the only one providing cold air. I must have a damper not working
somewhere. The other vents have the same volume of air but it is ambient. #2 provides cold AC air...
My Pontiac Torrent Heater Blow Cold
When turn the HVAC controls to defrost, floor and vent if fine. Temperature will
not change to hot air, only cold. I removed the door motor and the little shaft is ...
Where is the cars fuel pump relay 1992 Pontiac Grand am.
Sunfire had a fuel leak, replaced injector, filling up cylinders and exhaust.
Bonneville 3800 Lags Power and SES
Don't too much trust the code give me dont no a lot about cars but my
question to you my car lags from take off in regular drive and then around
25mph will kick into gear
Where is the Oil Pressure Sensor
Need to replace the oil pressure sender on my Grand Am 3.1 V6. Where is it located?
Red Security Light and Won't Start
My Grand Am GT will crank but wont fire up. Seems like engine not getting
enough fuel pressure.
2006 G6 Brakes Lights Not Working
We had the brake light switch replaced but they work backwards. They come
on with foot off pedal, and go off when pressing the pedal.
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Pontiac Questions List- Page 2
Car Sputters Ans Stalls Out
Ok so my 1999 Grand Am just died As i was driving home it started to purr really loud and
shake, then i noticed that the brakes weren't working as well as they were and i couldn't push
them down as far. Next i noticed that when I didn't push the gas the head lights would dim and
then go bright again.