2006 Pontiac G6. Have applied dielectic lube replaced brake light switch.
Question: I have a Pontiac G6 2006. The brake lights are working in reverse. When the brake pedal
is pushed the lights go out, when not pressing the brake the lights are on. In November 2011 the
dealership applied the lube that the bulletin suggested.In July of 2012 my Dad was following me and
realized the same thing was happening again. I had the dealership look at it and they wanted $120
to replace the brake light switch. I had my Dad replace it for $27. Now again it's happening. What
should I do?

After replacing the brake light switch on your Pontiac, there has to be a learning procedure done for
what is called the 'Brake Pedal Position' sensor. That is integral with the brake light switch. This
procedure was obviously not done if your father replaced the switch since you need a dealership
scanner to do the job.

You're going to have to bring it to a dealer and have the relearn procedure done. I can also tell you
that if you installed an aftermarket brake lamp switch and NOT an original GM part, the dealership may
not help you. They may require you to install a GM part and then have the relearn procedure done.
Then your brake lights should function normally.

Your best bet would probably have been to pay the dealer in the first place and you'd be all good now.

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Pontiac G6 Brake Lights Not Working
Brake pedal position switch, aslo know as brake light switch. Needs to be programmed at the dealer.