Get The Radio Unlock Code For Your GM - How To

Most GM cars and trucks used a theft system to lock the radio when power is lost, as with a battery replacement. This system was used from the early 1990's to the early 2000's.

The radio has the THEFTLOCK feature if the display reads THEFTLOCK. This feature is designed to discourage theft of the radio. It operates by using a secret code in order to disable all the radio functions whenever the battery power is removed.

This features use is optional. If not used, the system plays normally and the radio is not protected by the feature. If the security feature is activated, the radio will not operate if stolen.

When activated, the radio will display LOC in order to indicate a locked condition anytime the battery power is removed. If the battery loses power for any reason the radio must be unlocked with the secret code before it will operate.


If your radio displays the word LOC or INOP * you can retrieve a set of factory numbers in the radio that enable us to give you an unlock code.


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