Chevrolet Malibu Car Repair Questions- Page 2

Malibu Won't Accelerate When Hot
We changed the fuel pump and spark plugs. Checked fuel injectors and wires. The engine light is on and has a misfire.

2005 Chevrolet Starter Wont Engage
Replaced starter and battery. Car will not start when outside temp is cold. After it warms up it will start and run great. Key turns, lights work and all but car will not turn over. Why does my car act up.

My 2005 Malibu has no power steering
In the morning. Have to turn car off and on to work.

Clunking Noise in Steering Wheel My 2006 Chevy Malibu
When i turn the steering wheel and when i stop and hit bumps. When i stop or hit the gas and turn there is a clunking noise.

Airbag Theft and Brake Light On
When I start my car all of these dash lights come on airbag brake theft system seat belt and service engine soon, My gas gage reads empty and does not show how much fuel I have and the temp gage does not move either.

Turn signals dont work
Sometimes the lights dont work. Where is the flasher located?

How much to replace intake manifold gaskets

2004 2.2L code p0171

Advice on replacing intake gaskets on my 2002

2005 4 cyl wont start when hot

Ignition key wont turn, cant start car

Horn, sunroof, and radio dont work

Radio locked and the a/c blows warm

How to replace rear brake pads and calipers

1999 Malibu ABS light

Checking the power steering fluid 2008 Malibu

3.1L v-6 antifreeze leak

A/C compressor turns off

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