Chevy Malibu Code P0442 Small EVAP Leak

About 2 weeks ago the service vehicle soon light came on, but it would clear when car was restarted. Yesterday, dash would not light up and auto head lights would not come on immediately after car was started, but everything would start working after a few seconds. Now various warning lights will stay on and gas gauge will not work after a start, but everything then starts working after a few seconds.

Now the check engine light is on with a code of P0442. These problems do not occur each time the car is started. A different combination of head lights not working or warning lights occur each time. Service vehicle soon, check engine code P0442. The intake manifold gasket was replaced about 2.5 months ago. 2001 Chevrolet Malibu.

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Be sure to check that the battery cables are tight on the battery, and then follow the ground cable down to make sure it is clean and tight. There are also several grounds on the transmission - engine bellhousing.

Sounds like most of the electrical problem are related, except for the Check engine light, code P0442 is a small leak in the Evaporative Emission System. Possibly a bad vent valve in the back, or a fuel tank sending unit seal leaking.

The electrical problems may all be related to the Body Control Module. This BCM controls the functions of the things you are having problems with. Also could be the ignition switch. The ignition feeds power to many of the cars systems, including the lights you have problems with, and the BCM, along with other things. If there was a problem internally to the switch, you would loose power or have low voltage to these areas.

I would also start pulling on various wiring harnesses to check for a loose connection that would effect all these systems.

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what does it mean when this light comes on? How do I get to fix it? Thanks. 2006 Chevy Malibu. Repairs = GAS CAP LIGHT COMES ON.

If you're sure it is the gas cap light coming on, it usually just means you need to tighten the gas cap. This light will come on if the emission control system cannot make a good seal on the system and the most likely thing loose is the gas cap. Easy fix. But if there were a leak in the evaporative emissions system that causes a large leak, the computer could view this a loose or missing gas cap.

It would give the same conditions of a large leak as a failed part that causes a large leak. A scan of the system and testing for leaks is what is needed. You could have a bad EVAP vent valve. This would also cause a large leak that the computer may see as a loose or missing cap.

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