2005 Chevy Malibu I replaced starter and battery.

Question = car will not start when outside temp is cold.  After it warms up it will start and run great.
 Key turns, lights work and all but car will not turn over. Why does my car not start.
Answer: Really need to know if this is the Malibu new body, or Malibu classic.
On the new body style Malibu, there is a computer(PCM) re-programming available to correct an
intermittent no crank condition.

On either body style, checking that the battery cable are clean and tight is the first step. Next, see
if the
theft /  security light is on after trying to start and it wont. That would indicate a security
problem. Other areas of concern are the ignition switch or starter relay.

1999 Chevy Malibu.
Work done to repair this problem = control module fuel filter coils fan relays
Question = My car runs fine until the temperature goes to half and then its stalls but some times it will
run fine for days the stall in a drive Dru or at a red light PLEASE HELP and the fuel pump is good.
If you are sure the fuel pressure is fine when it stalls, then you may have carbon build-up in the
throttle body, plate and bore. A possible vacuum leak. Or possibly carbon build-up on the Idle Air
Control Motor (IAC), or the IAC is faulty. This is what controls idle speed.

Have it inspected for a vacuum leak. Remove the IAC valve and clean it. When cleaning, do not move
the plunger at all, just clean it, and the bore it sits in. Remove the air intake tube between the air filter
and the engine to clean out the throttle body, bore, and plate. Then take it for a drive to sort of "Blow
it out". Doing a few hard accelerations.

2004 chevy malibu classic 2.2 Ecotec.
P0496. Replace purge valve solenoid.
Question = why do I have a hard time starting my car after putting gas in it. I used plus gasoline.
You  may have gotten a bad tank of gas, or it has a high level of alcohol-  E-85. Are you sure it
isn't starting bad other times as well? You'd want to check the basics first, like fuel filter, air filter,
maybe it's time for a tune up, etc. You could have low fuel pressure and need a new fuel pump,
or even have an ignition problem.

These are all just common sense guesses at what is most common for a hard starting condition.
You would really need to get it checked out by a technician to find the exact cause.
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2005 Malibu Lights Turn On But Won't Turn Over